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    Go's New Brand design go blog.golang.org

They claim that the gopher is still there but I didn’t see it anywhere…

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    The circular shape of the letters hints at the eyes of the Go gopher

    They’re really stretching with that line. Two circles could be a lot of things and the first things that come to mind don’t have anything to do with the Go gopher. I don’t like this. It’s generic corporate, and I’ll miss the ode to Plan 9.

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      they needed an excuse to update the website and make it not work without javascript.

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        i kind of respect the cynicism that went into this reply

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          But, they didn’t update the website. The branding is entirely absent from the website. It’s boggling.

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            oh, they will

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              Over two weeks later and still no redesign of the website.

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          It’s generic corporate

          but… Go doesnt have generics! \s

          Maybe it just supports the corporate interface.

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            It’s generic corporate

            Actually, it makes sense.

            I’ll miss the ode to Plan 9

            IMHO, Plan 9 had the technical potential to disrupt the centralized web. Years before it became a problem.
            Now it’s a niche OS, developed by weird hackers that don’t buy mainstream buzzwords.

            So, from certain points of view, Plan 9 is dangerous.
            Something that any good programming minion should forget…

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              Wait, does the COC rotate every time you click it? If so, are they being serious? The COCs generally looked really laudable, but now I can’t tell if they’re just posting them ironically.

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                Wait, does the COC rotate every time you click it?


                If so, are they being serious?


                The COCs generally looked really laudable, but now I can’t tell if they’re just posting them ironically.

                As my doctor say, irony is the worst side effect of intelligence.
                A pretty serious side effect, that most people cannot tollerate.

                (but since my doctor is my wife, she could be ironic about that… :-D)

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            Overheard: “It looks like the logo of a convenience store in a regional airport.”

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              There is a French sporting goods retailer called Go Sport, and the new Go logo immediately made me think of their logo.

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              The logo is as uninspiring as the language, so it’s a perfectly fitting design in my opinion.

              (Not kidding, after reading the announcement, I checked whether it was April 1st…)

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                I’m sure I’ll be downvotes for this, but still.

                I found it way too unconstrictive just to blame them without clear explanation. I’m really sad not to have a thoughtful comment about why would the golang « brand » changed their visual identity.

                These negative comments are way too easy and really do not help the lobsters community. I don’t know if I’m the only one feeling that way but the post seem important and I don’t see any comments that would make me think a bit more about the subject.

                Sorry @soc, it’s not directly aiming at you!

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                  You’re not the only one. I don’t see it changing for the better. These days, I just downvote and move on.

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                    I see how my comment could come off as a bit troll-ish, although it wasn’t intended that way.

                    Not sure how it could have been worded differently though.

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                      I’m wasn’t especially writing about the wording but more about the purpose your the comment.

                      The idea is that opinions should matter if they carry constructive content with them, and by that I mean a bit more context or explanations.

                      If one do not find constructive explanations about the whys of the opinion, maybe it shouldn’t be shared to the risk of having “me too’ like comments.

                      To be clear, I’m not blaming anyone! I just feel that these kind of comments do not stimulate anything worthwhile for the community.

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                  If you look at brand book, you’ll see the gopher there.

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                    Here’s the kicker around the Gopher, from the brand book:

                    The gopher is not a logo. However, when appropriate, it can and should be used on communications that are Go branded, but should not be used in place of our logo, nor should it be placed too closely around the logo, so as to infer it’s an alternate logo.

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                      They claim that the gopher is still there but I didn’t see it anywhere…


                      Rest easy, our beloved Gopher Mascot remains at the center of our brand.”

                      and why on earth is this downvoted off topic?

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                        Rob Pike seconding this.

                        Also, this is pretty relevant because when people think “golang logo” they typically think of the gopher. I’m not sure people even realized there was a hand drawn golang text logo before this announcement.

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                          It had two speed lines. Go got faster, so they added a 3rd. Presumably, there’s room for more speed lines as Go’s speed improves.

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                        Whatever you think, you gotta admit the second to last page of the brand book is adorable

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                          The gopher is the one thing about Golang that I actually like.

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                          This feels like they went to some brand identity consultancy and got a package deal, and ended up with something that would feel more appropriate for a retail outlet. Someone else put it better than I could: it looks like the logo for a bicycle store. But hey, it’s a nice booklet.