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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      I scored a new workshop this week. It’s time to break it in with some fun prints and paints this weekend. I’m also adding authentication middleware to the API for my galleria project this weekend.

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      Been stuck back at home recently since my college closed in the nearest capital city (Melbourne, AU). I’ve recently been building a new security-focused homelab out of smaller machines in a flight case so that it’s easier to move around.

      A few RPis, NUCs for VMs, Foirtnet firewall, and the newest addition of a PC Engines APU board with OpenBSD (my first openbsd experience, actually)!

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        What is the APU board for, using as a router?

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          At the moment, yes! Long term I’m looking at chucking in a Data-only SIM card and also using it as a 4G backup as well - given the state of NBN VDSL and ancient copper in my area it’s something that would be handy to have

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        Is there somewhere local to get an APU board that doesn’t cost an arm a a leg?

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          Everywhere I found in Aus seems to be out of stock at the moment. I think there’s only one official distributor up in NSW that’s out of stock, so I had to order from the EU which was a bit pricey unfortunately.

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      Implementing checkers AI.

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      Writing more DnD stuff and making a little reverse proxy server for my gemini hosting. I may end up working on a kubernetes operator for it.

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      Got a new board game to play with the kids (Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts). It’s four-player and cooperative, so I’m hoping my wife, my older son, and I can carry my younger son (who’s 5 and gonna be more concerned with picking out the coolest cards than with forming a real strategy).

      Also, continuing to study Spanish and Rust (and, therefore, I suppose studying oxido…).

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      My roommate is away on vacation and I have the house for myself. I’m relaxing and cleaning a bit, because my roommate is not that of a clean person and I would like to enjoy e clean house once in a while (lockdown didn’t help of course, and general work-from-home isn’t helping either). If everything goes okay I will get rid of this problem in a few months.

      On the tech side, I want to finish reading the Google Sre book. It’s half enlightening and half worthless in the sense that it shows some best practices but a considerable number of such practices are impracticable because we don’t have the infrastructure or the staff numbers that Google has. Still an interesting read, hopefully I can improve something at work.

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      Going to create next major release for JWT in Go (https://github.com/cristalhq/jwt) with a few memory optimizations.

      Also probably play with another libs in todo.

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        How funny, I’m planning on implementing this library in my project this weekend!

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          yeah, life is strange sometimes :)

          ping me anytime btw

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      Working on an HTTP parser for Scheme (also looking into fuzzing).

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      Reading a book called “Side Hustle” and helping my gf move into her new place.

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      Biting the bullet and resurrecting an old website of mine that stopped working a few years ago after some upgrades on its shared host. (I wrote it in an early version of Sinatra, which apparently breaks in newer versions of Ruby.)

      Rather than trying to duct-tape the existing app, I’m writing a bit of Ruby to extract the content to Markdown/YAML so I can put it into a nice new shiny static site built with Hugo.

      I haven’t done any web dev in at least 5 years, so I’m having to page in a bunch of knowledge, which makes it slow…

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      We’re doing an America Day for a friend from the UK. If you have suggestions for stereotypically American things to do, fire away!

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      Teaching my since to code with phaser.

      Building an infinite runner starring our president and his run for the Whitehouse. His laughter is a great reward.

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      Continuing to work on https://links.rip, been making really good progress on it over the past couple of months and have a handful of others using it now. Need to figure out if I even want more people using it long term or if I want to just keep it super smal.

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      With any luck, finally building some new free-standing, overkill, rack storage. The amount of floor space I no longer have is embarassing.

      Also breaking in the new 3D FDM printer, and slowly adding improvements to it while it churns out large prototype prints.

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      Last weekend of my holidays, I’m not doing much programming or computer stuff in general. I’m going to do some Pokémon go raids, we have a (little) raid group in my town and they’re all nice people that understand and follow the social distancing guidelines so that’s perfect.

      I’m going to start thinking about the next steps for my weight loss. I lost 25kg since oktober 2019, still have 25 more to go, but progress has been slower lately (as expected).

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      Polishing this: https://code.z0.is/netini/

      Peeking at lobste.rs

      A lot of sleep

      This origami: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovq8T1qox-c

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      Working on libgit2 bindings for Idris 2 in support of the Elba package manager for Idris which is currently being rewritten in Idris 2 (from an initial implementation in Rust).

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        Links describing the project elba from the README are broken :/

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          Yeah, unfortunately it seems as though the project was near-derelict for a while, but is regaining some steam. I’m new to it, myself, but it seems to be the only major alternative to using Nix in the works for Idris, so I’m eager to dig in and learn! Libgit2 bindings seemed like something that would be useful to the community no matter what!

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            Yeah, I was supposing nix would be involved but how? Does elba re-use the nix build daemon or does re-use the ideas from nix from scratch?

            Naive question, how libgit2 will help?

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              Sorry, if I wasn’t clear! Elba is an alternative to using Nix to manage Idris packages, so Nix isn’t involved in this solution. libgit2 would enable it to clone repositories from Git remotes.

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      Demoscene stuff is on hold for a while (again), so I’m back to piddling around with game programming for a while. I’m continuing to work on a small project. The player has to scour a randomly generated island for the resources needed to take out the obligatory evil boss, while avoiding mobs and other nasty things. Simple stuff, because I just don’t have the energy to take on larger projects these days.

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      Experimenting with remote access strategies in anticipation of getting my Pinebook Pro (due sometime mid to late August - my order’s in the next batch :).

      Setting up TightVNC on my Linux box, currently using an iPad Pro as a poor stand-in for the PBPro.

      IntelliJ/Pycharm seem to work pretty well and is pretty responsive on my house wifi. I’ve yet to try from a public hotspot.

      Also continuing to slowly work through The Nature of Code implementing everything in both Processing and Python/Pygame.