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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    Continue personal learning on database internals. I started about 6 months ago and thought it would only take a few months. Now I’m realizing that there is so much I do not know. It’s incredible how much there is to learn! It’s been incredibly helpful for work, as I’ve been able to diagnose seemingly arcane issues with our postgres performance.

    I found a german professor who uploads youtube videos, and I’ve been using that to supplement my knowledge as I go through a book.

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      Would you care to share a link to said professor? Sounds interesting!

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      Planning to catch up on some courses, mainly epicreact, tailwind, MIT OS Dev, Go & TypeScript.

      Also includes reading more docs around blitz.js, next.js & Prisma & a book on Figma design.

      Mostly as it’s tech I plan to use deeply now as I build out a learning platform I work on.

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        I finally re-built a desktop version of my Journal/notes as a Desktop application. That’s been proving helpful for helping me focus at work today. It’s been nice to be able to listen to music and think, rather than feel like I’m in a haze.

        This weekend I plan on building a pre-launch landing page for my wife’s craft store, as well as resting. I might also start on a blog post about CogNotes, since I’ve basically come full circle on where I was 2 years ago, but having learned a few things on the way.

        We’ll see, though.

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            Camping here. It’s a Canadian Thankgiving tradition around here.

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            Hiking some nearby trails while the weather is nice. Playing oldschool Final Fantasy. Maybe working on programming ggez.

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              After a few months hiatus, going to pick up my 2D C99 game engine again. After looking at bit last night, it looks like it’s aged fantastically since I set it down due to all those docs, tools and code standards I’ve been imposing on myself.

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                Kids, kids, it’s all kids. Playing some Mario U with them, I managed to trade in a bunch of old games/devices for a Wii U and some games, the kids are addicted to watching Bricks o Brian mario videos on Amazon, but we can’t afford a Switch and games, so cobbled enough trade-ins together to get a Wii U and some games.

                I’ve got a few things I’m mulling over whether I keep working on. I’m pretty happy where I am at work, and I slightly just want to build things that I want in my free time instead of things to try and make money off of now that we’re a bit more financially stable.

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                  I’ll be working on improving my javascript skills.

                  I’ll follow Eloquent javascript https://eloquentjavascript.net/

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                    Homework, I wrote a small parser and “compiler” for cyclic notation of permutation groups in haskell. I’d like to rewrite the model in agda so I can express that it’s a group in the code. I’m also trying to use the diagrams package to draw some graphs (currently drawing the Petersen graph) and I’d like to combine the two to reason about morphisms on the graphs.

                    Besides that I have some exercises in noncommutative algebra. Spent yesterday stuck trying to prove that an element in a noncommutative ring which has no right inverse but does have a left inverse will have infinitely many left inverses.. Probably I need to think of the ring as two different modules over itself (left or right) and do something with that? Idk.

                    Also bureaucracy.. always some kind of authority that needs a document from you =_=

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                      Monster movie marathon! Yay!

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                        I just received 80 Gateron ink black switches for my upcoming first ever mechanical keyboard build. Will be lubing them and applying films to improve their feeling. I bought a soldering iron as well and will be practicing on a digital clock kit. Also, starting to read Foundation for the first time.

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                          I took delivery of a mass-production Atreus keyboard this week and it’s the last weekend of housesitting for a friend, so it’s typing practice and petting dogs the whole way down.

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                            Hopefully a little hiking, attending a virtual catechism lecture, practice guitar a little, and if I can gather the mental energy/focus do some coding on arbor chat.

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                              • Painting my new office for fully remote work.
                              • Biking if the weather will be good
                              • Try to understand eBPF + XDP
                              • Spending time with my wife
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                                Going to watch motor racing at Oulton Park circuit. The only previous time I’ve been there was for a “drift experience” day years ago, and given we only live about an hour away I really should go more often. The day is the UK’s “entry” motor racing club, so there’s a few different series on throughout the day which should be some interesting variety to watch!

                                Also collecting a new (to me) car today, so likely be putting that on the jack stands on Sunday and going over it to see what needs replacing in the short term. Might attempt to fit my aftermarket head unit, although if I don’t then I should put it up for sale.

                                Started poking Nomad recently, have a box sat upstairs and want to recreate my home NAS on it for starters. Whilst one machine does not a cluster make, replicating a setup I already have and understand means I’m just exploring one new thing rather than lots of new things at once.

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                                  Reorganizing my home office, looking at controlling my 3D printer with Octoprint, and adding more rows to my DIY vertical server rack.

                                  Also got in a USB PD eval module, and have a couple of ideas I want to try with it, but need to reprogram it to request 12v instead of its default 5/15/20v.