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abo-abo makes some awesome emacs packages that I personally use daily, if you use them and have some extra $$ consider supporting his work.

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    I’m kinda sad this got downvoted as spam so quickly. Do we now consider supporting open source software to be spammy?

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      Although I didn’t downvote it, I’d consider it spammy just because fund this or me could cover the whole front page indefinitely if we allowed such submissions. KickStarter and GoFundMe stay full of deserving possibilities. Nadia Eghbal’s report below also shows most FOSS projects stay in a situation of little to no funding with lots of apathetic freeloaders. Next day or week they’d still need funding allowing for resubmits. Then, there’s people’s favorite non-profits related to IT, security, consumer law, and so on.

      Best to just keep it all off the site. Only time I’d think otherwise is if something major gets funded (past tense) by a crew likely to deliver on it which a lot of people will appreciate. Things such as Novena or JackPair come to mind. These kinds of things are rare enough that they’d just be a relaxing break on deep, technical content rather than overloading us with fluff.


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        Okay you make a great case, thanks for the explanation :)

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        Sure, if it’s someone most people have never heard of before.