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    I found this filled with platitudes and not much else. There’s some good points in there, but I didn’t come away with a deeper knowledge of anything. At the very least, the questions posed were valid.

    Perhaps it’s my cynicism with the hyper-measurement of the development practice, the utter obsession with data, or the fawning of managers over the notion of design, but I’m not confident in the state of Agile to be a force for the creation of useful and helpful products these days. So in that sense, I guess, the talk connected with me.

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      Can anyone give good examples of measurable outcomes ?

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        In my experience, measuring the dev process as currently is popular in growing orgs is just a tool for managers to feel like they have control over a process that is hard to measure and has a high error margin to begin with. I always am promised that they won’t use the measures outside of the team but they always insist on comparing velocities across teams, normalizing story points in “ideal work days”. I’ve never seen it pulled off correctly. I can’t give you one example for ten years of practice.