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    I’d like to help out, but I don’t have the time right now due to school (unless you currently have a backlog of very small tasks, but I gather that it’s pretty early in this project for that). You’ve been pretty prolific working on this, how are you able to fund the work on it, or is this a spare time project?

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      Yes, I do have a backlog of very small tasks! That’s the point of publishing the spec test dashboard, which I linked:


      I didn’t describe it very well – that is the next post. At the bottom you can see there are 478 total test cases. OSH is passing on 249 of them, failing on 168, and not running on the rest (because they’re not close to being implemented).

      So basically my idea is to solicit help to make all the yellow/red boxes go green. If you know Python and shell it should be relatively fast to work on.

      If you’re interested, please e-mail me at andy@oilshell.org. Two or three other people have expressed interest in helping. At the very least, I’d like feedback on how easy it is to run the tests, and if you don’t have time to hack on the code, that’s OK. But I think once people get the tests running, they will be motivated to poke around.

      There’s some local sloppiness that needs to be cleaned up, but I think the architecture is very clean and simple. It’s a simple AST/LST interpreter now.

      I also plan to publish some example commits of making the red boxes green.

      (I left my job exactly one year ago!!! I think my last day was 2/29/16. I was working on some other open source projects like toybox, and then I started working on Oil in April. It’s been self-funded.)