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      Finally. So what exactly was the cause of the delay? I guess Glen was trying to be open about it, https://lists.freebsd.org/archives/freebsd-current/2023-November/004980.html but his message essentially said nothing about the “few (non-critical) things”.

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        Glen also stepped down a few days ago, and Colin Percival finished the release. It could be that there were personal factors that entered into the delay.

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          Glen has had some personal issues recently (take a look at his LinkedIn feed for more info) but I don’t think that this actually delayed the release. A lot of things can’t happen until after the release is branched. Building the final images, updating things that need to include the git hash, pushing the cloud images through deployment flows and testing, and so on. Often chasing the last updates to the release notes takes a while. There’s usually a day or two between the release branching and the official release (which is delayed by the slowest of all of the above activities). And, as Colin says, the project tries to avoid releases on Fridays, so if any of these things pushed beyond the end of Thursday then the official release doesn’t happen until Monday.

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