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    IBM has just recently launched the IBM S812LC, the most affordable IBM POWER based server ever. IBM advertises the S812LC with “Starting at $4,820”. That is pretty amazing if you consider that this is not some basic 1U server, but a high expandable 2U server with 32 (!) DIMM slots, 14 disk bays, 4 PCIe Gen 3 slots, and 2 redundant power supplies.

    I’m kind of surprised that this “most affordable” board is that expensive. In comparison, the Raptor Engineering Talos board starts at $3700 and has plenty of connectors.

    Although my big reason for liking the Talos so much is its libre focus.

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      I think it will be more fair to compare specs and prices when the Talos is actually available for purchase, not speculative preorder. If they ship half the product at twice the price, that’s still much better than the average computer revolution upstart manages.

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        Additionally the Talos board looks to be targeting workstations, not servers. So apples and oranges to compare both.

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          Fair points, both of you.

          Anyway the prices are rather similar from an order-of-magnitude perspective.

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      Best thing for me about this is that IBM are still pushing high-end RISC systems. It’s sad that it’s really only them and Oracle/Fujitsu who are doing that these days. Makes me miss the heyday of the early/mid 90s when we had DEC, SGI, HP and a host of smaller players competing (I don’t miss the “Unix wars” though).

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        WRT Fujitsu, did you see this recently: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/06/20/fujitsu_arm_supercomputer/

        I’m not well plugged in, but I’m actually a little surprised that Fujitsu didn’t move on sooner after the Oracle takeover of Sun…