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    I’ve been contemplating alternative ways of describing resizable UI layouts, primarily around tracking which elements are ‘fixed’ in size and which can ‘resize’ when the window is resized. I wanted to track everything in the X & Y directions to make sure there is only one resizable object per axis left, otherwise you have to start using guess work when the window is resized.

    This rectcutting concept might solve that problem. Everything that’s cut is fixed size and the area/item that is left over can be the resizable item. I’ll have to think this through to see if separability of X & Y matters or not.

    Thankyou for posting this Mr Sock.

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      This seems pretty interesting. I could see it breaking down eventually (what if you need to center?) but also this could be a great way to model for simpler UIs like game menus/HUDs. It’d be cool to hear about a shipping app/tool that used this.

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        Looks like JUCE have a tutorial on doing layout like this - https://docs.juce.com/master/tutorial_rectangle_advanced.html - although they don’t really cover whether anyone actually uses it or not in shipping apps.