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“Linux is becoming the thing that we adopted Linux to get away from.”

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      Title is pretty click bait-ey, but the article itself was a bit better.

      While I agree with parts of the article, and also dislike certain parts of systemd (journald vs syslog, seeming project scope creep, seeming pursuit of lower boot times above all else, etc), I also think that the systemd ship has likely already sailed for many distros. At this point I think people who dislike it, would probably best be served by either by collaborating/pooling-resources/etc and something better, or even just moving to an alternative that gives them what they want/need. There are alternative OSs out there that are very good!

      At $dayjob we are pretty much stuck with centos 6.x, due to AWS’s historically very poor support for other OS’s (before we moved to real hardware), and early team members being more familiarity with centos. I think centos 7 changed too many things for us to be rolling it out any time soon.

      For personal projects I generally use and prefer FreeBSD (or another of the BSDs). Next time I am on the ground floor of a startup, I will certainly push harder for FreeBSD!