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    As a counter note….

    Whenever anybody asks me to measure anything…. I immediately reply,

    “The answer is 42. Now what are you going to do about it?”

    9 times out of ten, the person asking me to measure something goes into deep thought…. and goes away and doesn’t come back.

    If he does have an answer, my next question is

    “Good, now which warm body are you assigning to look at these numbers, interpret them and act on them?”

    Usually about half of the remaining go away at that point.

    Don’t mistake me, I love data, I love understanding things, I have written a large number of measurement tools.

    Enough to know the ones that get used are….

    • the ones where you have a concrete plan of what to do with them,
    • and a warm body whose day job it is to look at them and act.
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      This is a “classic” ops essay from 2011 which covers Etsy’s culture of instrumenting everything about their operations – mainly via Graphite and StatsD. In fact, this essay introduced StatsD as a concept and an initial implementation in NodeJS.

      Probably more interesting as a historical relic these days, as it has become almost conventional wisdom to use custom metrics for everything, and StatsD support is now even built into SaaS monitoring tools like Datadog, Netuitive, etc.