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    having a hard time getting the whole article to load (weird js errors?), but I got to the point where they had a Hello World app clocking in at 900kB. that is just awful. sure, some people get free data access and have big storage, but almost 1MB per app when there is a common runtime with a huge set of libraries?

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      I removed the Haskell code and the app was 771KB. Android Studio’s Hello World application bundles 250 images and 131 XML files.

      A base of 150KB for the Haskell runtime and base functions is not awful. I expect people won’t be choosing Haskell for writing Hello World applications, but instead for writing large applications where the cost of the runtime size will be amortised.

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        So it turns out that the biggest contributor to the 771KB was Android’s appcompat library, which made up about 600KB of it!

        I made some changes and got the Haskell application down to 209KB in total:


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          Can that 770KB base be stripped down, or is that approximately a floor for Android app size?

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            Yes, I don’t use almost any of the 250 images in my Hello World application. They can be deleted.

            But I haven’t done more than 5 minutes of Android development, so I don’t know the tools. A quick search will be a better resource than I am: https://developer.android.com/topic/performance/reduce-apk-size.html