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    Do we really need a post here for every little version update or request for money for this app?

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      Well, I for one am interested — but I’m also a sponsor, and hopefully soon a user. It’s really exciting to see something come out which could be the Emacs of web browsers. Now if only it had a decent editor …

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        I think the main complain here is that this post is more an advertisement, than some actual content that lobsters are usually interested in. We had the same issue some time ago with the ads for https://sr.ht that were advertising new features.

        Of course some people follow this project, support it, and are thus interested in every single update, and there is a feed for that. Lobste.rs is a link aggregation platform, not a changelog.

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        This version has a bunch of new features but anyways it’s the last call to the campaign.

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          I’d say you’re basically spamming lobste.rs at this point.

          https://lobste.rs/s/pm4nb7/next_browser_1_3_0_programmable_web https://lobste.rs/s/bvzckk/next_browser_1_3_1_improved_minibuffer https://lobste.rs/s/mjk3j8/next_browser_1_3_3_multiple_selection#c_eawadi

          Those are all the articles you’ve ever submitted here (with your username.)

          Looking at your comment history, you only participate in discussions on lobste.rs related to the articles you’ve posted advertising your browser.

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            you only participate in discussions on lobste.rs related to the articles you’ve posted advertising your browser.

            There’s one exception :) I started to use Lobsters. But yeah, that’s the end of spamming. The next articles will be from a user perspective!

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        I would love to be able to try this out on macOS without installing MacPorts or building from source. Are there any plans to offer a prebuilt application bundle at some point? (Or to create a Nix derivation? I noticed there’s a Guix derivation, so maybe that could be adapted to work under Nix+macOS too?)

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          There’s a nix derivation: nix-env --install next (see readme, no idea how it goes on macOS).

          Next is also coming into Alpine linux and thus to a Docker container: https://github.com/alpinelinux/aports/pull/11731 (https://github.com/atlas-engineer/next/issues/338)

          You could also try the pyinstall binary, supposed to be cross-platform: https://github.com/atlas-engineer/next/issues/275 (needs tests and an update though)

          Thanks for any feedback!

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            Ah, thanks. It looks like the Nix derivation uses the GTK frontend and so it isn’t usable as-is on macOS.