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Yesterday Twitter temporary locked my account (again) and this time I unable to unlock it. This is why I’ve decided to restart my newsletter and focus on the indie web.

  • Self-hosted websites.
  • Shell scripts and text editors.
  • How-to guides for BSD/Unix users.
  • Screencasts for web developers.

P.S. Email is still the best social network! :)


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    Please use the releaase tag for this, since the linked article has no information about unit, practices or webshit.

    Also, this is advertising and a newsletter signup even if it is for content that’s cool.

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      Got it. Will fix. Thanks!

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        No problem! Thanks for the fix. :)

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      Sent the update. TinyLetter looks awesome! Love it!


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        Did they provide any reason as to why you were blocked? It’s strange since your account doesn’t post copyrighted content nor retweet/participate in hatefests

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          No reason has been given. Was locked automatically by some rules. Unlocked manually by Twitter support team. Could not use my phone number to unlock it right away. Says it’s “not supported”.

          I didn’t do anything unusual. Have no idea how to prevent future locking.

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          It made me smile to see the first email stating the fact in my inbox this morning. I look forward to reading more!

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            Thanks for subscribing! :)