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    I enjoy leadership much more than I enjoy management.

    Leadership is working in a high-impact role within a group to make it better and to coherently seek out its interests. This includes taking a beating to protect it– not enjoyable, but noble. Management, on the other hand, seems to be getting that group to do what a bunch of sleazebag, self-serving taints called executives (who have no concern for the happiness or long-term achievement of the people you’re leading) think it should be doing, and that aspect is just deplorable.

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      But first, let me start on a somewhat somber note: what nobody tells you is that one’s level on the leadership ladder tends to be inversely correlated with several measures of happiness.

      With all due respect, this is self-serving and untrue. Research has shown that stress levels are lower the higher you go in an organization. The people at the bottom of the org chart are the most stressed.