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    Direct link (has a 6 minute intro video): https://www.tryphotino.io/

    Came across this via F# Weekly #11, 2021 – .NET 6 Preview 2 & Photino.NET

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      smaller in download size, RAM usage on Windows is worse: https://www.tryphotino.io/#photino-vs-electron (I’m picking out Windows especially here because on Linux I can just build native stuff whereas on windows there lies a life of pain)

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        RAM usage on Windows is worse

        It is only marginally worse: 68MB vs 53MB. I guess the real test is in how it would compare in real-world apps. But that would be too early to tell.

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          yeah, RAM bloat is like the #1 meh criterion for electron (cf Slack) and so if they can’t even get the hello world smaller atm…