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      I stay within the Debian ecosystem for my desktop Linux use (after a solid decade of frequent distro-hopping). For the last 4 years I have mostly used Linux Mint’s Cinnamon version, but I continue to check in on alternatives: Pop, Ubuntu, Debian itself, and Elementary.

      I still don’t see myself using Elementary as a daily driver, but I deeply respect their continued focus and refinement of their desktop experience. Both in the design on the surface, and how it all fits together and “feels” out of the box. The way they approach forward-facing statements vis-a-vis Wayland carries a different tone from (my limited readings of) other distros.

      If you have never tried Elementary, and have a spare machine (old laptop, etc.) to run an install and play with it for a day or two, I recommend it if only for a point of comparison, to see how their choices/points-of-focus regarding desktop UX make you feel.