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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    I’ve scheduled a ton of interviews for my new project: comparing traditional and software engineering by talking to people who have done both professionally. Learning a lot!

    Otherwise most of August is dedicated to updating all my TLA+ resources.

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      Building a new web app from scratch with this stack / toolset:

      • Ruby
        • Grape
        • Sequel
        • Rubocop
        • Rspec
      • PostgreSQL
      • Node.js
        • Vue (with Vuex)
        • Vuetify
        • eslint
        • Mocha
        • Unexpected
        • axios
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        Can you tell us more about the app itself?

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          It’s a little mundane, which is why I didn’t mention it. Just a roll-my-own guest registration system for [meatspace] events. I realize this is a solved problem, an invented wheel, but the client I’m doing this for has historically tended to ask for many customizations, so this seemed like a better route than using an existing third-party solution. I could use the “exercise” anyway, coding-wise, and I’m enjoying that part of it for itself.

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            Neat, thank you for sharing! (I don’t think you should have to justify why you’re rolling your own, fwiw! The fun of the “exercise” is plenty justification alone.)

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        Progressing on a Syncplay client in Go. I’d started writing it in Hy a long time ago, but found the async stuff a bit awkward, and I wanted to try Go out anyway. I started writing a blog post on my impressions of it. Also setting up backups for my external hard drives and playing NieR: Automata.

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          I’m working on finishing up some blogpost articles.

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            Looking to get the perfect React job :)

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              At work: most people are on holiday in France, and as usual I take the opportunity to work on touchy topics without interruption and with low service disruption impact. This time it includes a large DB schema migration, among other things.

              At home: my s.o. is on holiday as well, so I take advantage of the free time to play Fire Emblem Three Houses.

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                It’s my first day back at work after biking all of July. I got home around 5:30 a.m. and got about 2 hours of sleep last night, so todays probably going to be tough.

                In any case, I’m catching up on email/Slack, pulling changes to the repos I work in, installing OS updates, and refreshing my memory on my recent work. Once I’m up to speed, the rest of the week I’m going back to work on the new terrain algorithm and data structures for our Android plugin. It’s been on a back burner for a few months, and it’ll be nice to knock it out.

                Outside of work I’m winding down from the bike trip: unpacking and cleaning gear, doing bike maintenance, replacing worn out parts, etc. And then I have thousands of pictures to go through and upload.

                When I’m sick of doing that, I’m going to imlement some of the code examples from “Computers and the Imagination”, and read “The Meaning of Art”, both of which I picked up in Durango at a used book store after our ride.

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                  Durango, CO? I grew up in the area and am stunned you found anything on programming in the area. I hear it’s getting bigger though.

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                  Work: Dealing with a bunch of cross-platform yuck relating to file descriptors. Not pleasant.

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                    • Back from vacation and walked into a project I’ll need to takeover and build for another colleague, who’s been working with the project since April. I’m feeling a little nervous because this particular colleague is quite intense, and the last thing I want to do is screw something up he’s put a lot of time into.
                    • Nail done some last-minute fixes and checks to a project I’ve been on for eight months. I’m glad to finally see this thing out the door. We’re shooting for next week.


                    • Continue playing Crusader Kings 2, my guilty pleasure, after getting a ton of DLCs for cheap on Humble Bundle
                    • Squeeze in some time for another chapter in Modern C: A 21st Century Approach. I’m on a chapter dealing with program design.
                    • Catching up on all my favorite TV shows, particularly The Americans.
                    • Watching The Lives of Others and The Wolf of Wall Street.
                    • Follow as much of DEFCON as I can on Twitter when it starts later this week.
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                      Not exactly this week (it was actually two weeks ago), but I participated in my first hackathon! It was quite a bit of fun, although I did adhere to a normal sleep schedule over the weekend. I still managed to get a special mention, which made me happy. Now I have one or two thoughts that I could further explore for this project, but I don’t know when I have the time for it.

                      Basically I want to show (the lack of) confidence in a predicition algorithm. I will probably just repeat the experiment a few times and then try to extract the confidence intervals from it. If anyone has a different approach or a nice idea, please let me know!

                      In general it was a positive epxerience and I think this was not my last hackathon.

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                        At work: Playing around with telegram, learning k8s and helm as a dev, some Teamcity Kotlin DSL magic.

                        At home: working on the Tech Worker Coalition Berlin Learning group, helping with the development of a twitter and telegram bot for gambe.ro, that should also be compatible with lobste.rs. I might make a “show” post eventually, even though it’s very basic stuff.

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                          @WORK: Continuing to develop the map/quest editor for our game


                          • Trying to build the map/quest editor in Clojurescript to see if it is a better fit
                          • Learning Japanese
                          • Learning to Draw
                          • Yoga
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                            Writing more docs and mebbe a blog post about my new Webdriver bindings for Haskell: cautious-sniffle … working title, suggestions appreciated. ;)

                            The existing bindings don’t work with selenium >= 3 and have stagnated quite a bit. It seemed like a good time to overhaul them with some more modern Haskell techniques/packages. This is intended to be the base package, providing the commands and enough types to be useful without restricting the wacky stuff people may want to do with it.

                            I’ve been wiring it up with property based state machine testing and it’s been wild, looking forward to sharing more as it all develops. :D

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                              Docs docs docs docs docs. Writing a script to migrate documents from an existing generation system (maybe Hugo? I’m not 100% sure) over to Antora (for most of the work) and a custom front-end to do stuff Antora doesn’t.

                              So that’s moving asciidoc files around into a different directory structure, as well as switching out all the include directives and most of the images and inter-page links to take into account said new structure (and convert them into Antora xrefs). Lots of fiddly TypeScript and regexes that I feel bad about, but the more I can do magically, the less the tech writers will have to do when they’re fixing up what the script misses.

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                                Trying to wrap my head around https://lobste.rs/s/r7lapt/decades_old_computer_science_conjecture

                                I have a sneaking suspicion it’s quite important…. …but I’ve been out of the pure maths side for a long time and purely practical these days…. so it’s taking a bit of effort to catch up again on various definitions and bits of jargon.

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                                  Coming back from vacations, I realized how much time I spent doing nothing or procrastinating and how fast time flies…

                                  The upcoming weeks, I will try to organize my daily life tasks and routines with some kind of Kanban, and see if I succeed in not postponing them.

                                  It’s good to do nothing, but I will now dedicate myself more in doing things that make me a better man, a better lover and a better friend :)

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                                    I’m trying to create a progressive web app that solves sudoku puzzles from newspapers (currently only 9 * 3 * 3). I’ve been trying to use tesseract.js to recognize the numbers in a picture the user can upload, but so far i only get some gibberish as a result. This week i’ll implement the character recognition in openCV, we’ll see how that goes.

                                    EDIT: ocrad.js seems to be a good solution as well

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                                      1. Avoiding using React class components as hard as I can whilst I weave SIP calling into this React/Electron app I’ve been working on.

                                      2. Trying to think of something interesting to blog about.

                                      3. Learning CHICKEN scheme so I can write games in scheme (maybe a Common Lisp instead though).

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                                        This is the first Monday since April where I haven’t had to start my day with manual fixes for our nightly backups and clearing out accounts caused by registration bots. Both of those problems are 100% solved.

                                        Finally an opportunity to focus exclusively on new development. I plan to make some progress on developing a replacement for one of our editorial services on top of our new PostgreSQL-based CMS.

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                                          I’ve been working on my programming language called alox. Currently I have AST -> IR conversion and I’m working on the lexer and parser. After that I’m going to add LLVM or CraneLift as a backend. There’s a lot to do but I’m making steady progress.

                                          I’m also starting a new job with some more sysadmin/devops duties than I’ve previously done but it should be fun!

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                                            At work: packing up, handing over my work. At home: Preparing for the CCCamp starting in a bit over two weeks and slowly looking for new jobs in the area :)

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                                              Today was day four of the plumbing I started last week (https://lobste.rs/s/rue2sb/what_are_you_working_on_this_week#c_hqzkhl). I’d say I have at least another whole day of it to go.

                                              Other than that.. something not related to pipes or water, I guess?

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                                                I’m working on a script to automate the deployment of extremely customized virtualized builds of HardenedBSD, where the build is built on-demand, on a NIST project. Each time the newly-built VM boots up, it resets itself to a known sane state.

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                                                  After a few data-heavy, debugging-heavy, ops-heavy weeks, I am back to collaborating with my team on feature specs and designs. Also codifying what have been ad-hoc best practices around domain name management, and related settings like SPF and DKIM.

                                                  Last week I had to be very social, as various commitments aligned themselves poorly, and I am looking forward to less. After a multi-week hiatus my tabletop group is meeting again, so that will probably be the highlight.