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    This sounds a bit like it’s going to take the course of USB3.0, which turned from an improved USB into an abomination that tried to do everything. While that certainly not only has downsides, I’m not sure if it’s a good development.

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      Yeah reading “5G ready” on an antenna will hardly say which part of the standard will be supported. Will you be able to connect to short-range frequencies (30 - 300GHz) as well? Unlicensed spectrum (5-6 GHz)? It is certain that when buying a phone for example this kind of info will be usually missing, just like USB-C does not give exactly what is supported by the port.

      On the other end, industry features (sidelinking, V2X etc) will change a lot of things, not only for corporations but also citizens and society. Good or bad remains to be seen.