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What are you doing this weekend? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m getting an apartment in Montreal! My flight landed safely, I’m in a hotel for the first week, and I’m ready to start my new job on Monday.

    I wanted to work more on WebAssembly stuff, but I just moved lol.

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      Studying electrical engineering basics. I’m going to do some embedded dev for fun, but I’ve forgotten nearly everything. To be comfortable with this stuff, I want to understand what the hell is going on the circuit board outside the MCU.

      It’s amazing what can be done these days. Cheap component breakouts, from e-ink to lux sensors to LoRa, put together with a Raspberry Pi or some microcontroller board, surrounded by a custom 3d printed case, things can actually look good. And the processors are much more powerful. 100MHz ARM MCUs programmed in Rust, hell yeah. Last time I did this, it was all 8bit PIC or AVR and things looked like shit. All wires and stripboard in a wooden case with acrylic glass shields. If you wanted a nice case you had to make sure your printed circuit board fit something you had – and first, you had to get the PCB made. Now you can just join any number of breakouts with jumper cables and 3d print a starfish shaped case around them if you want. What a time to be alive!

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        • coloring
        • watch movie with friends
        • read a paper
        • listen to a lecture
        • watch and learn from coding train
        • send 2 PRs to free software
        • watch a course, take notes, read previous notes
        • attend a meetup (hopefully)
        • apply for jobs
        • spend time with friends

        That’s a good chunk of my weekend I have planned

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          Road trip across England to pick up an Amiga 4000 and bring it home. I bought it last week, it’s going to be lovingly cared for and used mostly for productivity and creative work.

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            Contributing to Nim by developing the httpauth library.

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              • Walking up Snowdon, via a route I’ve not done before (Rhyd-ddu)
              • Helping out at the Sailing Club open day, hopefully there’s a breeze but not too much, and the rain holds off.
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                I’m going to look for a new desk chair (any recommendations?)

                The whole family is getting haircuts

                I might work on my new personal project if I can carve out some time.

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                  I used to have a Herman Miller Aeron. They’re overrated. Don’t get me wrong, the are nice chairs, but there’s only so much that a chair can be worth before you’re just giving a company money.

                  I’ve just bought IKEA’s new Järvfjället chair, and I’m happy so far. It’s slightly more comfortable than the IKEA Markus, and I prefer the colour.

                  Obligatory photo.

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                    High end herman miller chairs are usually available secondhand for a small fraction of the retail price. They don’t really degrade over the time they spend at a trendy companies offices.

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                      I know; I bought mine used from an office in London over eBay. I then sent it to Sweden (where I was living at the time) through Royal Mail (far from the cheapest option), and managed to sell it six months later with a £50 profit.

                      Mine was very pretty; a black B-sized Aeron with the chrome base. Unfortunately it had degraded over time; some foam component under the seat had begun to disintegrate.

                      Again, don’t get me wrong — I like the Aeron. But I do think there’s a culture around these chairs where people reviewing them overlook their drawbacks because they like the design.

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                    I’ve been pretty happy with the autonomous ergochair2. I’m getting a second one this month because the one I have was kinda stolen by my wife. I find that chair a good value for money, I compared it briefly to aeron Mira and I liked it more.

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                      aeron Mira


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                        I’m guessing they meant Herman Miller Mirra.

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                        I absolutely love my Steelcase Gesture.

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                        • making up some work I missed during the week
                        • going for runs/walks to the lake and back
                        • cleaning up after my sick dog :-(
                        • finish adding a queue system to the match making server for my (now side project) multiplayer game
                        • contributing issues/comments/code to the Rust allocator working group

                        Edit: the game isn’t quite ready for public release, but if you’re interested in checking it out and giving feedback, let me know!

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                          playing with the janet programming language (https://janet-lang.org/) and using it to write a command shell.

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                            Continue on a Kaggle competition. The Freesound Audio Tagging challenge: https://www.kaggle.com/c/freesound-audio-tagging-2019

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                              After working primarily just with a MacBook Air for the better part of a decade, I finally plugged it into an external display and put everything on a desk. I’m very happy so far. Hopefully this weekend I’ll make a little more progress with the cable management. I don’t like clutter.

                              Here’s a photo.

                              The desk, chair, lamp, and telephone stand are all from IKEA. I’m also using one of their cable management cages under the desk to hide some cables. I plan to drill some more holes under the desk so I can mount both the power extension board and also my MacBook Air under there, out of sight.

                              The desk is a standing desk with a manual adjustment. It’s significantly less expensive than the desk they offer with the electric height adjustment.

                              For conference calls and pair programming I’m using an app on my telephone as a wireless external webcam, and a BlueTooth Bose headset.

                              Otherwise, I’m making a few improvements to NewBusinessMonitor and generally relaxing before the start of the new week. I have my first two Haskell developers starting work for me on Monday, so it should be a big week!

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                                Visiting LOADays conference in Antwerp, and getting some servers and infra ready for my colo hosting business.

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                                  Working on renovation of my flat.

                                  Working on a hobby project to write Android apps in Nim, without Android Studio. I already have a basic .dex assembler in Nim and .dex->.apk packaging tools in Nim+Go. Yesterday evening I managed to build a hello-world app with a JNI module written in C (cross-compiling with standalone Android NDK). I would like to try and write the JNI module in Nim this weekend. It will still require Android NDK, but at least no Android SDK. If I succeed, I’ll try to announce it on Nim forum, and maybe here too.

                                  Looking for a new job, as I’m in the process of leaving the previous one.

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                                    I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. I have 10 papers to read and summarize, and then 2 more papers to read and review. Tonight there’s a game night with friends and then tomorrow can be dedicated to finishing up all of these papers.

                                    On the bright side, I’ve been playing with terminal-based programs without ncurses like with http://xn--rpa.cc/essays/term and I’ve got a demo of a Sam/Acme-like scrolling (right click to go down, left to go back up, and dependent on how far down your mouse is on the scroll margin). Now that I understand the logic, I’m thinking about hacking Vim to have that feature, which I suspect will have to be done in the C code rather than in a Vim extension.

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                                      Just finished fixing my old LaserJet 1300 printer. I suspected that the engine controller board fried about 6 months ago (extremely light prints indicates not enough voltage on the transfer roller), and I finally got around to replacing it ($19 for a used board on eBay). Sure enough, once I got the old board out, I could see a row of blown resistors next to the main capacitor. Cheap fix, and hopefully this printer will last another 15 years.

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                                        Today: visiting the Van Gogh museum with my wife and mother in law then have dinner with my parents, sister and her children.

                                        Tomorrow: start learning OCaml by implementing a finite domain solver in it. I first intend to go at it by just inventing how I think it could work. Later I’ll do a literature search and try to implement some known-to-work algorithm.