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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback… or given this has gone up halfway through the weekend, what have you done this weekend? :-)

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Working on a program that automatically removes joe rogan from his own podcasts.


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      Wow! Thank you!! You are doing gods work.

      Make sure to post here when it is complete!

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        Ahahaha, I guffawed.

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          Approximately how long does it take to process a single episode and produce a truncated version? I’m asking on behalf of my sibling who’s doing their first ML project and is interested in doing something (technically) similar, but is unsure of the costs. They guessed “about the length of an episode” and I guessed “about 1/4 the length of an episode.”

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            It takes about 30 minutes of human labor and maybe 40 minutes of computer labor depending on whether you include downloading.

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          Continuing to play with making a programming language, apparently: https://sr.ht/~icefox/garnet/

          It’s intended to compile to native code someday but in the meantime I’m just outputting webassembly instead. I think that was a good choice. It can already compile a few things to working webassembly, and the compiler itself can run on webassembly using WASI, which is honestly pretty darn cool.

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            Working on a project that allows you to automatically run tests every time you recompile a piece of code[1], and then going to try to use that to continue work on my master’s thesis.

            [1] https://github.com/fouric/hypertest

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              Procrastinating? :-P

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              Playing Ticket to Ride which is a boardgames I really liked the first times I played at friends. Making a bike trip to a nearby city. Cooking a lot. Messing with Julia and Franklin.jl because why not.

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                Ticket to Ride is a great game! Which version are you playing?

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                  I played USA and Nederlands version and I will try the Europe version soon. The USA version is perfect to get a hold of the game and get addicted!

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                Working on v1.0 of lcharmap.

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                  1. Taxes
                  2. Install a new washing machine
                  3. Deal with changes to the compilation database format where cmake seems to be outputing the command + arguments in a single “command” string where it has previously always included an arguments field with an array of strings.

                  Seriously, can we all agree on a canonical compilation database format? I see no command with the command as the first “argument”, I see no arguments with the command line in shell-sytle, I see a command and a list of arguments… this is not a standard but a family of related dialects.

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                    I’m watching my daughter while my wife works, and I’m working on my website in my free time, Feldot. I’ve almost got sorting posts by top completed, I’m super excited!

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                      Assembling information for my accountant so he can do my taxes. Hopefully for the last time in a while, as I’m an employee rather than contractor now.

                      As part of my daily guitar practice I’ve made good progress using Transcribe! to transcribe The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes into Guitar Pro 7. I’ve been working on it off and on for weeks, but it’s been coming together nicely lately. I could probably find a decent tab for it, but I want to practice transcribing a song I have a hope in hell of being able to actually play.

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                        Hacking on my rust http client library hreq. https://github.com/algesten/hreq

                        I think I’m taking on repeating the body on 307/308 redirects and Expect 100 continue headers.

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                          Keep working on a manager for self-hosted Minecraft. Right now it’s in Bash but I’ll rewrite it to Crystal and add a simple web interface.

                          Also migrate an existing server running on an older version of the tooling to the new one.

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                            I’m playing with proxmox. I wanted to have some form of “small scale private cloud” for a while, because I want to run my own services in a more devops-style for a while. proxmox looks like a good compromise between running “vagrant up” with plain qemu-kvm on the host and a private openstack installation (I don’t think I have enough hardware for openstack anyway). So far I am pretty satisfied with vm templates and cloud-init. I’m looking at terraform providers for proxmox but they look a bit neglected, it’s a pity that proxmox the company isn’t caring that much about them.

                            on a different note, i want to play with mediawiki for a personal website. I’ve seen a beautiful and very well-done personal website created with mediawiki and that has convinced me to give mediawiki another try. In june the parsoind component should be integrated into the main code repository so that should alleviate some of the pain running mediawiki

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                              For my own personal cloud, I’m going with nomad and some custom qemu management to make sure my VMs are all immutable in the long run and shut down nicely when nomad asks (for the sake of the NFS mounts)

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                                I see your point about shutting down vms. I just had a machine unable to shut down on proxmox. If you boot it with the Ubuntu install cd inserted but don’t want to install it apparently there’s no way of shutting it down. I had to log into the proxmox machine as root in the shell and kill the qemu process.

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                                  That’s concerning; I was nearly ready to bite the bullet and install proxmox. Is this because the VM isn’t responding to ACPI shutdown requests?

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                                    My guess is that yes, that is the problem.

                                    I’m not sure though. Proxmox seems worth it anyway, but I’m starting to see the problems: while it has APIs, the available terraform providers are neglected and poorly documented.

                                    The one from talmate isn’t very good at all. The other one looks better documented but haven’t tried that yet.

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                                    Do you want a few scripts? I’m using nomad, but if you can tell a signal to be sent, you can use a script to tell qemu to simulate a power button press.

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                                Followup from last week, I’ve gotten that big refactor somewhat done-ish. All of the services exist, and do stuff, and I have a job queue thingy (Minion) running them all and spitting out SVGs every 15 minutes without user intervention.

                                Things I still need to do:

                                • Revisit my whole approach to containerization and probably switch from Docker to podman.
                                • Stop exposing all of the internal bits of my API to the internet.
                                • Add cleanup jobs to delete or archive generated data once it’s no longer useful.
                                • Add a loader for my secondary data source (80% of my ionosonde data comes from NOAA NCEI, but 20% is only available from GIRO).
                                • Get the actual HTML-and-CSS site moved over to the new server (and maybe finally ditch Apache).
                                • Figure out how to move a LetsEncrypt-enabled domain to a different server without breaking everything.
                                • Figure out how some of the new features should be presented on the site, and how to avoid breaking deep links to the existing site.
                                • Re-point the DNS and pray!

                                All of which is more “boring” than what I’ve done in the past week, but still needs doing. Launch is close enough to taste now, hopefully that will keep me motivated :)

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                                  I’m about to go out on a long ride with my dad. Should be about 50 miles and 5k feet of elevation. I haven’t ridden all week due to the heat wave so hopefully it goes ok!

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                                    I will be in holiday 1st and 2nd (it’s Italy republic day). My plan is hiking on my neighborhood and I trting to understand eBPF and XDP.

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                                      Halfway through three day project to sort my drive out. First time I’ve properly cleaned it in 2.5 years of living here, it was … dirty. (Block paving. Ugh.) Need to re-sand it tomorrow to finish it off. All the bricks have an actual colour to them now, not just grey!

                                      Have also planned a 50 mile ride to-and-roun-the-base-of a local large hill with a friend, which we’re going to attempt tomorrow.