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    Relevant https://www.hillelwayne.com/post/this-is-how-science-happens/, which gives an entire history of this paper and related papers. Tldr;

    We’ve just spent several thousand words on methodology to show how the original FSE paper was flawed. But was that all really necessary? Most people point to a much bigger issue: the entire idea of measuring a language’s defect rate via GitHub commits just doesn’t make any sense. How the heck do you go from “these people have more DFCs” to “this language is more buggy”? I saw this complaint raised a lot, and if we just stop there I could have skipped rereading all the papers a dozen times over.

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      Previous crustacean post on the sorry story. Baishakhi Ray is now an assistant professor at Columbia

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        A comment from the post links to Intro to Empirical Software Engineering. Insane talk!