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    I wish I’d had this series 25 years ago when I started in tech. There’s some really great content in here for developers of all levels - particularly the article on building a great github pull request.

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      I really, really hate emoji springing up in everything–advising junior devs to add them to PRs kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

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        Well, I guess you didn’t do any throwing up in your mouth today, because I didn’t see any such advice!

        (I was pretty anti-emoji at the start too, but I’ve started to think they’re ?)

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          Alright, lemme be blunt here.

          First, the emoji thing is a direct quote from the first article:

          Liberal use of emoji ???? is encouraged.

          Second, it is very odd to teach a junior developer what a PR is without actually covering what source control is and why we like it. Even insofar as the article talks about PRs, it doesn’t talk about linking the damned things back to the issues they solve.

          Can we stop pretending that every Junior Dev position or internship is some weird bastard child between Adventuretime and The Giver?

          In my experience, at best it’s Rick and Morty.

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            Oh, my bad! I didn’t click through to the next article, so I didn’t see the reference.

            I suspect the context of the articles assumes source control is a known good quantity, hence “clear up […] misconceptions about pull requests”, and not just the text of this page.

            The cultural references in your comment are lost on me. :(

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              The article is tips not an end to end tutorial. There are a zillion and one git tutorials out there - duplicating any of them would be a waste of time and effort.

              I don’t really care about the emoji angle, you wanna get all rage face about it, that’s cool. Some of us have better things to do with our lives.

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              That’s just Mike’s style. Ignoring all the awesome in those articles because the man likes emoji would be an unfortunate choice, but meh, to each his own :)