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It’s strange, if one wants to post news about Vim or Emacs, there’s a special tag for that, but there aren’t special tags for news about Sublime Text, VSCode, jEdit, nano, Kakoune, Atom, IntelliJ, or any number of other editors and IDEs.


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    How about a tools tag; which covers other things a programmer would use, like build systems and editors?

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      I feel like tools would get too noisy because of how general it can be.

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        What description would you write for tools that wouldn’t include pretty much everything tagged with software or release, and a big chunk of unix?

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          Tools for developing software.

          • release is for new release announcements

          • unix is for tools already a part of the Unix toolbox

          The kind of articles you would submit to it are things about non-vi/emacs text editors, build systems, etc.

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          I really like this approach. We have a lot of stories that would benefit from such a tag, and if we get a large enough volume of just text editor stuff we can break it into it’s own tag.

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          I think this is a good idea. Oddly enough, there isn’t even a “vi” tag, just a “vim” tag.

          Is it worth having two tags? A “text editors” or “editors” tag, and an “IDE” tag? At the very least, I think there should be a generic tag for text editors, whether or not we get rid of the “vim” or “emacs” tag (they are popular, so it may not make sense to get rid of them). IDEs may be different enough to warrant their own tag as well, as they tend to differ from text editors in that they frequently have built-in runtimes, debuggers, library management systems, etc.

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            Also consolidate Java and JavaScript while at it.

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              So we’re keeping the emacs tag, right? ‘Cause, this doesn’t fit in the proposed editors tag. :)

              With that caveat, I support the tag proposal. (Feel free to merge vim into editors unless there is some reason not to. ;) )

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                To be fair, emacs is big enough to almost be an operating system so it deserves its own tag.

                And I appreciate a separate vim tag so I can block all wrong-think in my feed. C-u 1 0 0 0 hail-emacs!

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                Also consolidate Java and JavaScript while at it.

                Point noted. Edited title + request from:

                Can we consolidate “vim”/“emacs” to a general “editors” tag?


                Tag proposal: editors

                Just how we have a general programming tag.