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    Who here uses dragonfly BSD and what do you do with it? I keep reading about it, but never read any articles from regular users

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      So happy to see progress on HAMMER2. Eventually, when it’s ready, I hope it gets ported to OpenBSD and becomes the defacto BSD file system.

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        I love how every discussion about DragonflyBSD is about how it’d be so great if HAMMER2 was in OpenBSD, and never about Dragonfly.

        edit: correct typo

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          I was talking about Open. Free isn’t interesting to me.

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            I meant OpenBSD, sorry.

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          If the OpenBSD developers would be open to modern, reliable storage they would have some other options as well (eg. zfs).

          Storage is simply not a focus for OpenBSD. Is even TRIM support implemented yet?

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            Hence why it’s more likely to be lifted wholesale than imported.

            ZFS is a non starter because OBSD is rather careful and risk-avoidant with licenses.

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          Having only regularly used OpenBSD out of all the BSDs, Dragonfly seems like my next best choice for tinkering. I have to install it one of these days and give it a go.