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    Can someone explain the potential pitfalls of using this?

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      Off the top of my head:

      • considerably higher memory latency
      • video drivers have always and will always be super awful so I expect it’s unstable
      • video drivers have a black box for paging things back into normal RAM when VRAM fills up
      • integrated GPUs use a chunk of normal RAM (I think!) so this won’t help you there
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        I don’t think there are any access controls between programs. I’m not certain, but I would definitely want to check before using it.

        The latency is probably a bit higher.

        If you’ve got the card, it’s a sunk cost, but buying a 12GB video card is not a cost efficient means of getting 12GB ram.

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          I certainly hope access control has improved. As late as ~2013, running an OpenCL program that contained a memory error would result in garbage getting written to the display of my workstation via unintended writes to the framebuffer…

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            Wow, I had no idea it was that bad. Hope things have improved!