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    Wonderful article. I found the last bit about about flag emoji especially fascinating:

    Unicode didn’t want to deal with adding new flags each time a new country or territory pops up. Nor did they want to get into the tricky business of determining what a country is, for example when dealing with disputed territories. So instead, they just defined these regional indicator symbols. Fonts are supposed to take pairs of RI symbols and map the country code to a flag. This mapping is up to them, so it’s totally valid for a font to render a regional indicator pair “E” + “S” as something other than the flag of Spain. On some Chinese systems, for example, the flag for Taiwan (🇹🇼) may not render.

    The article also mentions flipping the layout depending on the direction of the script, bet doesn’t go into detail. So in case anyone is interested, here is a great resource that gets into the weeds about that.