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    I liked this a lot! Some idle thoughts:

    • The “densest storage medium” really surprised me. I thought it would be magnetic tape! But I spent half an hour looking and it turns out that archival tape doesn’t come anywhere near the density of that MicroSD card. Where tape really shines is cost: those 12.6 billion cards will cost over $3.4 trillion total, while the same storage in LTO8 tape would “only” be $140 billion. That’s assuming no bulk rate from either of source.
    • I wonder if it would make more sense to use IPA instead of German. The challenge isn’t just “how many words to people say”, but “how do we store them”. Do we transliterate Hebrew and Mandarin? Using IPA simplifies things a bit, and still comes to maybe a byte per character, as you don’t need to deal with capitals or ENQ.
    • This is like the perfect place to use frink.
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      You accidentally multiplied in a factor of 24. 72 years is only ~26k days.

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        Wow, that’s a huge mistake. I’ll update it. Thanks!