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    Thank you for posting, I’m one of the authors. AMA.

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      Very excited for this campaign – love my Solokeys! Any word on shrinking the components to fit in the USB-C form factor?

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        Thank you much!! We just posted an update as usb-c is already the #1 FAQ :)

        We can’t promise anything at this time, but depending on the success of this campaign -and if we’ll keep receiving this feedback- we may look into that. Or, maybe someone in the community will take over the challenge, we’d be more than happy to offer our support with the logistics and with our firmware, which is 100% open source and free to use.

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        Pretty interesting that you are sponsored by NitroKey - is that not a conflict of interest?

        Also, do you think there is a future of FIDO2 etc? I love the idea, but the rollout across web services has been disappointingly slow. I may just have a blinkered view of the situation.

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          Our firmware is open and we’re encouraging people to incorporate it in their products.

          The typical hw product has a primary functionality and often time the producer adds some auxiliary features such as U2F for two-factor authentication. One of our goals is to help producers to support the full FIDO2 (successor of U2F) with as little effort as possible. NitroKey primary business is encrypted storage, no conflict of interest. More generally, I think the space of hw security is so small that we should partner up instead of compete. Everybody’s goal is to make users more secure.

          As for FIDO2, it’s supported in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft (Office + Outlook), Github, … this means over 3b accounts can be protected with FIDO2. It works in all browsers and operating systems (but iOS) without installing any software or plugin. It’s been launched on Apr 2018. I think it’s a pretty damn fast rollout :)

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            the rollout across web services has been disappointingly slow

            Based on what I have read, the forthcoming Safari 13 should finally have WebAuthn support. Once macos gets that native support, I imagine things will pick up steam a bit more, as it would mean the last of the major browsers would finally support it (I believe Firefox and Chrome already have support).

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              Confirmed, Chrome, Firefox, Edge already supporting. Safari 12.1 works but you have to enable in Develop > Experimental > Web Authentication. Will be available by default in Catalina / Safari 13 as you said.