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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Finishing my three last days at my current job, so I’m finishing up documentation and starting to outline what specific personal projects I want to work on throughout the rest of the year.

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      Will you be spending the rest of the day doing personal projects?

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        I assume you meant to say the rest of the week… nah, I’m probably just going to chill after Wednesday and only get to work on my personal projects next week.

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      • Adopting 5 month puppy from rescue centre
      • Starting new job, getting setup and figuring out what I can achieve in the short term for the business
      • Preparing for a 10k run event next weekend (read: stop eating all the mince pies)
      • Continue trying to make sense of the control signals in my car via the kbus network
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          What a cutie <3. Will the next one be named Cameron?

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            You win all the internet kudos. 😁

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        We’re hit again by supply chain issues, so banging my head on the desk I suppose.

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          Working on a task assignment for a job. Unfortunately currently internet is really bad

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            Writing about my preferred deployment strategies based on company/team size. Also writing about betraying paper and using an ipad for my notes instead, quick note on iPadOS won me over. Honestly it is kind of a killer app.

            Also gonna build a nas this week. I am running out of space on my plex machine. Looking at 24 TB of storage.

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              Gonna be a dogmatic fanboi here and say: if you weren’t already, consider using zfs!

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                Don’t worry. I’m already planning on using ZFS. I plan to write about this NAS once I get it online and assimilated.

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              Experimenting with bidirectional type checking for Garnet, my “what if Rust was small?” programming language.

              Working on Debian deployment stuff for work – anyone know of off-the-shelf software for allowing a non-expert user to select a .deb file from a secure list and install it on a specific machine? Basically we want to treat .deb archives as secure firmware updates.

              Cleaning up the house I am using as a rental property, since the current tenants are now moved out.

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                A bit late to this thread, but I’m starting to think traditional college is just not for me. I’m going on 7 years in college without so much as an associates degree due to a rough first few years coupled with some personal struggles in recent times, but at some point I should just cut my losses.

                That being said, I’m looking into getting some sort of IT certification to get myself back on the right path and beef up my resume for the future. I had a couple in mind, but from what I’ve read online, the CompTIA A+ seems like a good bet for a foundational cert. Downloaded some study materials and will be looking those over this week.