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Happy Jul! Time for the next quarter and new jobs!


**Company:** XXXXXX

**Company site:** XXXXX

**Position(s):** XXXXXX

**Location:** XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

**Description:** XXXX

**Tech stack:** XXXXXX

**Contact:** XXXXXX
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    Company: DHIS2 (University of Oslo)

    Company site: https://dhis2.org


    • Software Engineers - Frontend (React)
    • Software Engineers - Backend (Java, Spring, Postgres)
    • UX Designer
    • Senior Information Security Manager
    • Senior Product Manager - Platform


    • REMOTE, any country, with strong preference for Central European Timezone +/- 2 hours
    • or ONSITE in Oslo, Norway


    DHIS2 is the largest health information system in the world. It is a free and open source global public good, developed at the University of Oslo (UiO) with ample support from the likes of WHO, CDC, Gates Foundation, Global Vaccine Alliance, norad.no, UNICEF, and others. DHIS2 is used at the national level in more than 70 mostly low- and middle-income countries. It is a general-purpose data collection and analytics platform used to manage routine health service delivery as well as interventions targeting COVID-19, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and more.

    Working at DHIS2 with our diverse, remote-first core software team (currently 50+ strong from 26 countries) and 16 regional implementation hubs around the globe offers interesting technical challenges with meaningful impact. For me, this is a priceless combination. Every line of code we write or new product feature we build will be used by hundreds or thousands of healthcare professionals to administer life-saving and life-changing health services to millions of people all over the world. We also offer competitive compensation, flexible working hours and locations, and opportunities to travel. We hire smart people and give them the freedom to innovate and to work on what interests them most.

    Tech stack:

    • Backend - Java, Spring, Postgres, Docker, and more
    • Frontend - React, modern javascript, cypress, etc

    Contact: Apply at https://dhis2.org/careers and mention lobste.rs, or reach out directly to me (deputy tech lead) by PM.

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      Company: Adacore

      Company site: https://www.adacore.com/

      Position(s): GNU Toolchain developer, GDB & Cross Environment Software Engineer, Software engineer, DevSecOps developer, Services Engineer, Infrastructure Software Engineer, Senior Account Manager, Technical Marketing Engineer…

      Location: We’ve got offices in New-York, Bristol, Paris, Grenoble, Vannes, Toulouse, Tallinn and probably a few other cities that I can’t remember right now. Some of the positions can be/are remote.

      Description: AdaCore is the company behind GNAT, the Ada compiler based on GCC. We have a lot of tools that revolve around the Ada ecosystem (build systems, IDEs, formal proof systems, static analyzers…). What we build is open-source and we make money from selling support, trainings, certification…

      Tech stack: It’s very varried and depends a lot on the position.

      Contact: https://www.adacore.com/company/careers

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        Company: Jobvite

        Company Site: https://www.jobvite.com/ and https://talent.jobvite.com/

        Positions: https://talent.jobvite.com/search/engineering/jobs

        Location: Remote US, Remote Canada, Kitchener ON, Indianapolis IN, Richmond BC, Bangalore, India

        Description: (from the website): ‘At Jobvite, our mission is to provide our customers with the tools to attract, engage, hire, and retain the talent that drives success.’ I am a team lead there and work on the Rails side of things.

        Tech stack: Java (In the ATS), Ruby/Rails/(Some, growing amounts of) React (and a tiny but critical bit of Go) (Enterprise recruitment marketing suite)

        Contact: Apply through the careersite or PM me with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them (if I can/ I am allowed to).

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          Company: Microchip

          Company site: https://www.microchip.com

          Position: Principal Engineer-Software (for the XC32 compiler team)

          Location: remote, but in the Toronto area

          Description: Looking for an experienced compiler engineer to work on code size optimizations and other features in the compiler toolchain, implement support for new hardware devices, and various other duties (see link below).

          Tech stack: GCC and Binutils, Windows/Linux/macOS

          Contact: Submit via this link: https://careers.microchip.com/job/2906/principal_engineer_software. You can ping me here or on IRC if you have other questions. (I am away on vacation for a week so I won’t be able to answer right away.)

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            Company: Alert Logic

            Company site: https://www.alertlogic.com

            Position(s): Software Engineer (Web Security Team)

            Location: Remote (US or possibly UK), with infrequent team gatherings in the Houston area

            Description: Details at this link: https://phe.tbe.taleo.net/phe03/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=ALERTLOGIC&cws=37&rid=4164

            Tech stack: Golang, regexes, Terraform, Kubernetes (EKS), and AWS

            Contact: Submit at this link: https://phe.tbe.taleo.net/phe03/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=ALERTLOGIC&cws=37&rid=4164 .

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              Company: New Zealand Stock Exchange

              Company site: nzx.com

              Position(s): Platform Engineer, Full-Stack Developer

              Location: Wellington or Auckland, NZ

              Description: The NZX (New Zealand Stock Exchange) is going through a Digital Transformation™, where we’re building the foundation for a modern API-based, streaming data platform, and an equally ambitious content delivery platform to change the way we engage with our institutional and retail clients. Big changes, and big people required :)

              Tech stack: Python (mypy), Deno, Go, React on AWS

              Contact: PM me, the positions are not advertised yet.

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                Company: Square Cash

                Company site: https://cash.app/ and https://cash.app/careers


                • Software Engineers (Backend, Frontend, Mobile, Machine Learning, you name it!)
                • Data Scientists
                • Designers
                • … a lot others

                Location: REMOTE

                Description: We want to redefine the world’s relationship with money. We want to make it more relatable, instantly available, and universally accessible. I know that sounds ridiculous, but … it sure keeps me here.

                Tech stack: I’m a backend & machine learning engineer. I switch between Go (🤠), Kotlin (👨🏾‍💼), Java (🤡), and Python (👨🏾‍🔬). I hacked some C earlier this year.

                Mobile is Swift and Objective-C heavy.

                Contact: me. Or our career site linked above. Your choice!

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                  Company: SlyceData

                  Company site: https://www.slycedata.com/

                  Position(s): Haskell engineer

                  Location: Fully remote, anywhere in the world, but must be able to collaborate with team members during US Eastern Time business hours


                  Haskell engineer, full-time, competitive compensation + equity options

                  SlyceData’s technology accelerates and greatly simplifies the investment research process allowing investment managers to be more efficient and competitive in today’s global marketplace. We solve the two bottlenecks of investment research: the initial ingestion of new datasets, and the ongoing work required to query these datasets correctly. This means researchers can simply request the data they want and receive it rapidly and correctly, without worrying about the data adjustments, enhancements, time-alignment, corporate actions, or other corrections required within their daily workflow.

                  The greatest challenge in the financial data industry today is the transformation from raw disparate vendor tables into an easily accessible database supporting multiple vendors, instrument types and asset classes. To solve this problem, we created a flexible query engine that can handle the highly idiosyncratic aspects of vendor data and user preferences. Designing technology to automate this process requires uniting two areas of expertise: functional programming expertise to create an intelligent query engine, and financial data expertise to embed the business logic into the queries. We are building an engine that dynamically interprets a user’s data requests, generates optimized queries in real time, and adapts the correct math/logic to deliver ready to analyze data without any pre-processing requirements.


                  • Collaborate in the design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of business-critical software
                  • Optimize the performance of our data analytics DSL and implement new language features
                  • Design and implement data models, runtime DB queries, migrations and backend application logic
                  • Capture and analyze system logs and performance metrics from production environments to diagnose and solve issues
                  • Work with with customer support team in responding to issues and answering client questions

                  Tech stack: Haskell, PostgreSQL

                  Contact: Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@slycedata.com

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                    Company: 1Password

                    Company site: https://1password.com


                    Location: Remote in US/Canada/UK (the post currently says Remote Canada but I’m gonna fix that up)

                    Description: The two roles on my team are front-end focused roles working on the onboarding UX for the web app (my.1password.com). The team is cross functional (developers, designers, and researchers) and we build on pretty much every part of the app, trying to make 1Password as great as possible for new and existing customers.

                    Tech stack:

                    • Frontend: TypeScript, React, mostly the regular setup
                    • Backend: Golang

                    Contact: Please apply via Lever, as we’re organizing things there. Mention lobste.rs / this post in the referral section. Feel free to message me here with questions about the roles!

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                      Company: American University

                      Company site: https://www.american.edu/ | http://designandbuildlab.com/

                      Position(s): Design and Build Lab Manager

                      Location: Washington, D.C. (onsite)

                      Description: See link below for a formal description, but the job is to run our university makerspace. It’s just down the hall from my office in a nice new building. See here for its current equipment. You would have a budget, a number of enthusiastic student assistants, and a good deal of autonomy in directing the space’s culture and activities. Requires demonstrated experience (ideally professional) with equipment like 3d printers, laser cutters, soldering, etc., since you’d be responsible for overseeing maintenance and safety protocols.

                      Tech stack: Pretty varied, basically anything you might find in a makerspace, both hardware-wise and regarding the various software stacks needed to interface with the equipment.

                      Contact: https://careers.american.edu/Staff/job/Washington-Design-and-Build-Lab-Manager-%2813595%29-DC-20016/763298600/

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                        Company: Parse.ly

                        Company site: https://parse.ly

                        Position(s): Python Data Engineer

                        Location: Remote (North America & South America)

                        Description: Are you a Python programmer based in North or South America, interested in large-scale data processing (terabytes per month, petabytes in our archive), and making use of massively-parallel computing architectures, such as those behind Spark and Dask? If so, then you should apply for our fully distributed team. Python Data Engineers write code that runs on hundreds of cloud nodes, using best-in-class distributed database technologies like Kafka, Cassandra, and Elasticsearch. Members of this team work on a massive time series analytics engine and content crawl database that offers an elegant user experience to hundreds of enterprise customers. And we do all of this on a team that’s small enough to be nimble, but large enough to be dangerous. 15 total engineers, growing to 25 by the end of 2021. You’d be entering our hiring process early, as we only just kicked off our hiring wave in June, 2021, after Parse.ly’s recent acquisition by Automattic – one of the world’s largest fully distributed teams, and one of the biggest champions of open source and open web technologies.

                        Tech stack:

                        • Python 3 for both backend and frontend.
                        • Amazon Web Services (AWS) used for production and testing.
                        • Self-hosted modern databases like Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, and Postgres.
                        • Frameworks like Django, Tornado and the PyData stack (e.g. Pandas).
                        • Kafka, Storm, Spark in production atop massive data sets (terabytes per day).
                        • Easy system management with Fabric, Ansible, and Terraform.

                        Contact: Apply now by sending your CV and/or LinkedIn profile, Github link (or similar) to work@parsely.com. Make sure to use the subject line “Python Data Engineer via lobsters”. Include a 1-3 paragraph intro to why you’re interested in this role. Tell us about an interesting project you worked on and point us toward a piece of code you wrote.

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                          Company: CircleCI

                          Company site: https://circleci.com/

                          Position(s): 30+ open roles in Engineering and Customer Engineering; see https://boards.greenhouse.io/circleci

                          Location: Mostly remote (with some restrictions on continent/countries)


                          CircleCI was named a Leader in cloud-native continuous integration by Forrester in 2019 and has been named to multiple Best DevOps Tools lists. CircleCI is the first CI/CD tool to become FedRAMP certified and processes more than 30 million builds each month across Linux, macOS, Docker and Windows build environments.

                          Tech stack:

                          • Backend: Clojure, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, S3, Docker
                          • Frontend: TypeScript, React, [primarily a backend person, I’m a bit hazy on the details here]


                          Apply via https://boards.greenhouse.io/circleci or (if I know you) contact me and I can refer you internally.

                          You can DM me questions if you don’t want to ask them in this thread.

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                            Company: Carbonhouse

                            Company site: https://www.carbonhouse.com/

                            Position(s): Web Designer

                            Location: Charlotte, NC / Remote / Hybrid


                            • Craft responsive and accessible websites for the entertainment and sports industries
                            • Deliver strategic and consistent end-to-end experience for users
                            • Influence the design and directions of the projects you work on
                            • Work collaboratively with developers to execute design vision
                            • Design according to requirements documentation
                            • Follow client brand guidelines and modifying these guidelines when appropriate

                            Tech stack: CSS, JS, PHP, FreeBSD

                            Contact: https://www.carbonhouse.com/careers/web-designer/

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                              Company: Neo4j, Inc.

                              Company site: https://neo4j.com/

                              Position(s): .NET Driver Engineer, Application Security Engineer, Build Infrastructure Engineer, Cloud Security Specialist, DevOps Software Engineer, Director of Engineering, Front-end Engineer, SREs, Software Engineers for various specialized fields (Kafka, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Dev Tools, IAM, and more.)

                              Location: Mostly on-site in London, UK or Malmö, Sweden. Remote available if in a nearby region.

                              Description: Neo4j is the graph database leader having pioneered the label property graph model with the goal of helping people make sense of the connections in their data. Neo4j is available in traditional on-premises deployments and now also available via the Neo4j Aura fully managed cloud service. We’re recently closed the largest funding round in database history ($325M) and hiring across all areas of product research and development.

                              Tech stack: Java, Scala, Go. Our GraphQL and DevTools team work in JavaScript and TypeScript. Drivers teams work in .NET (C+), Python, JavaScript, Go, and Java. Some positions work in cloud ecosystems (AWS, Azure, GCP) or with platforms like Kubernetes, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka.

                              Contact: Apply at https://neo4j.com/careers/

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                                Company: Union AI

                                Company site: https://union.ai/


                                • Principal Backend Engineer
                                • Staff Technical Writer


                                • ONSITE - Seattle
                                • REMOTE also, we have teammates across and around the world.

                                Description: We’re the core and principal contributors to flyte.org, an open-source orchestration platform. We’re looking for senior talent to contribute to both open-source and to work on proprietary products.

                                Tech stack: golang, python on the backend, Typescript/React on the frontend

                                Contact: Send me a message, or https://boards.greenhouse.io/unionai

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                                  Company: Bitnomial

                                  Company site: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/

                                  Positions: Software Engineer, Frontend Software Engineer

                                  Location: US - REMOTE

                                  Description: We’re a CFTC-regulated derivatives exchange all written in Haskell. Our first products are Bitcoin futures and options. We use ansible and terraform for our operations automation. Trading industry experience is a plus. Check out some of our open source projects at https://github.com/bitnomial

                                  We’re most interested in the Frontend Software Engineer role at the moment: https://bitnomial.com/jobs/#frontend-software-engineer

                                  Tech stack: Haskell, Typescript/React, Postgres, Ansible, Terraform, AWS

                                  Contact: careers@bitnomial.com

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                                    Company: Zendesk

                                    Company site: https://www.zendesk.com


                                    Location: Remote (US) or Onsite (San Francisco; Madison, Wisconsin)

                                    Description: The Zendesk Email Platform teams are looking for an Engineering Team Lead and Software Engineers with experience building and maintaining large-scale SAAS systems. We send and receive millions of emails a day and our customers rely on us to keep email processing and notification sending fast and free of errors. You are a phenomenal fit if you have deep technical experience, experience working on large-scale systems, and software engineering leadership skills.

                                    Tech stack: AWS Services, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, Golang, Ruby, Kafka

                                    Contact: Apply via. https://jobs.zendesk.com/us/en/global-careers and mention lobste.rs. Or reach out to me directly (PM) with any questions - I’m the engineering lead for the Email Platform

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                                      Company: Sync Inc

                                      Company site: https://syncinc.so

                                      Position(s): Platform Engineer, Product Engineer

                                      Location: Los Angeles, CA (ONSITE)


                                      Integrating with third-party platforms has looked the same for the past 15+ years: bespoke and limited JSON APIs. Want to help change that?

                                      At Sync Inc, we let developers query their data from third-party APIs without leaving their database. In a couple clicks, you can sync data in real-time from platforms like Stripe or Airtable right to your production database.

                                      We launched in December 2020 with Airtable as our first platform. Just launched Stripe a couple weeks ago. We’ve made spectacular progress and we’re already working with some amazing companies. Backed by David Sacks/Craft Ventures.

                                      We’re looking for our second founding engineer to join us on the journey. This is a special time: you’ll play an instrumental role in shaping everything from our culture, to our engineering workflow, to our process design/architecture. Really fun and interesting challenges ahead.

                                      Tech stack: Elixir/Phoenix + React/Tailwind. No prior Elixir experience required.

                                      Contact: Learn more + apply at https://syncinc.so/careers

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                                        Company: Evergreen Smart Power

                                        Company site: https://evergreensmartpower.co.uk/

                                        Position(s): Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer

                                        Location: Remote UK or Manchester onsite

                                        Description: We are building a Virtual Power Plant system out of fleets of smart devices, primarily electric vehicle charge points, but also including home batteries, heat pumps, immersion heaters and other high-load devices. Our aim is to reduce the carbon intensity of the UK grid, and reduce cost of energy for consumers, by introducing demand-side flexibility. We have been a key player in a UK government trial project and currently have a number commercial partnerships with smart electric vehicle companies.

                                        Tech stack:

                                        • TypeScript (all production code is TS; see our linter config)
                                        • Node.js
                                        • Docker
                                        • AWS (Lambda, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, ECS, CodePipeline)
                                        • Python for scripting and dev tools

                                        Contact: Email careers@evergreensmartpower.co.uk with your CV and a quick comment about what interests you about the role, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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                                          Company: Sky Betting and Gaming

                                          Company site: skybetcareers.com

                                          Position(s): Senior Devops Engineer

                                          Location: HYBRID: REMOTE (not fully) with ONSITE Sheffield, UK in agreement with Line Manager


                                          • Own and lead substantial units of work, from concept and inception all the way through to production.

                                          • Take responsibility for the quality of our deployment pipelines, ensuring the resilience, capacity, performance, repeatability, security, scalability of our platforms.

                                          • Drive a proactive approach to platform monitoring and improvement that meets the needs of our customers.

                                          • Deliver industry-leading systems, which are secure, appropriately tested, perform well, and help provide an engaging customer experience.

                                          • Line-manage and mentor other DevOps Engineers in your team through their personal development aspirations.

                                          • Manage and maintain our build and deployment pipelines, ensuring reliability, repeatability and ease of use.

                                          • Identify and champion resolution of technical debt in the services you own.

                                          • Proactively and collaboratively identify and address potential problems in component design and tooling and be able to articulate these to the team and wider stakeholders.

                                          • Create and maintain quality technical documentation.

                                          • Play a proactive part in owning the Tribe’s platforms, environments and services; taking responsibility for support, monitoring, measuring performance and addressing technical issues when required.

                                          • Contribute enthusiastically to our continuous improvement of configuration practices, application quality, tooling and agile processes.

                                          • Participate in code reviews, and embrace peer feedback on your work.

                                          • Communicate constructively with peers, seniors and stakeholders in all territories.

                                          • Contribute new ideas while keeping the long-term perspective in mind.

                                          • Demonstrate a wider technical and Tribe wide awareness, helping to design technical solutions while solving higher level problems.

                                          • See things from a range of perspectives, acting as the bridge that helps your team engage with others within the Tribe.

                                          • Monitor progress and use your influence to remove blockers.

                                          • Facilitate networks and share knowledge, helping others to connect and learn in technical and non-technical discussions in the team and beyond.

                                          • Help contribute to our DevOps culture, guilds and working groups.

                                          • Act as a role model, being able to handle challenges calmly and creatively within the team.

                                          Tech stack:

                                          • RHEL
                                          • Chef
                                          • Docker
                                          • Kubernetes
                                          • Istio
                                          • Helm
                                          • Terraform
                                          • Prometheus
                                          • Nagios
                                          • Jenkins
                                          • Redis
                                          • MySQL
                                          • F5
                                          • ZXTM

                                          Contact: Drop me a message, it’s not been published externally yet but is available. It’s my backfill, and a great team!