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Most fascinating talk of Linuxconf2018 that I have seen so far…

This talk will discuss the ups and downs (including a spectacular helicopter crash!) of the successful 2016 Outback Challenge entry by the CanberraUAV team. We’re delighted to note that most teams in the OBC now run ArduPilot, but the challenge is living up to its reputation as a tough nut to crack.

I will also introduce some notable new aircraft designs, including my personal favourite, the TVBS (thrust vectored belly sitter). Central to the OBC was communications, with the requirement for reliable beyond visual range communications a real challenge in a rural environment.

The flight logs of our 2016 challenge flights show some rather surprising results with telstra and optus 3G modems, with communications lag far beyond what was expected.

The highly redundant network system we used in CanberraUAV was very complex, but proved its worth on the day after our relay aircraft was destroyed. This talk was given at Linux.conf.au 2018 (LCA2018) which was held on 22-26 January 2018 in Sydney Australia.