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    The only dependency is a recent 57+ version of Firefox.

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      It seems pretty useless at first but you can run the program on a remote machine and ssh/mosh in to it for ultra light web browsing. Although you could probably get super light browsing by just disabling images in your browser.

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        i.e., you need X and GTK installed (it’s not necessqry to run X though afaiu)

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        Wouldn’t hurt to have an alternative to elinks, but Firefox would pull in such an amount of dependencies that it would hurt the elinks use case :(

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          w3m is an alternative to elinks, and it can display real graphics in any reasonable terminal emulator.

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          I’m surprised this doesn’t use sixels to get real graphics:


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            The author comments here.

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            Neat experiment but it needs a lot of work to really be usable though.

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              This is very intriguing! It segfaults for me, though, unless run in http server mode.

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                I very much like this - and I’m an avid elinks user.

                I’m going to investigate this for some use cases where I’m currently abusing elinks -dump to translate HTML into usable plaintext for archiving, summarization, e-mail, etc. It’s heavyweight, yes - but sometimes the quality of the textual rendering is important - elinks usually does a decent job here, but it’s nice to have alternatives.

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