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    I’m interested in hearing your use-case for -P if you have one- it’s clearly powerful but difficult to think about in the abstract.

    You could use this to adjust the amount of parallelism in a command. For example, many commands (including make, GNU parallel, and GHC) take a -j option that lets you control how many tasks are run simultaneously. You could use hyperfine to profile one of these commands in this way to generate a parallelism profile.

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      That’s a great point bdesham! hyperfine would be useful for running relative timing tests from different degrees of parallelism. I’ve edited the post to include your point (with credit of course).

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      @delucks: I found a bug. I am posting here, because I can’t find issue tracker. memory allocation of 5534023442015191040 bytes failed[1] 30989 abort (core dumped) when horizontal window console size if less than size needed to display progress bar.