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      I’ve often wondered this, so thanks for sharing.

      As an aside, I’ve always pronounced it day-mon, but I recently learned that many others pronounce it the same as the modern word “demon”, and indeed that seems to be the proper pronunciation of the ae ligature.

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        Wikipedia: “In the context of computer software, the original pronunciation /ˈdiːmən/ has drifted to /ˈdeɪmən/ DAY-mən for some speakers.”

        I have heard the “day-mon” pronounciation from an American in a literary context. He may have erred as well, maybe because of his tech background, but there are people who “mis-pronounce” dæmon to be explicit, me included :)

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          day-mon seems to give more context to the subject matter of a conversation. I’ve only heard international students while I was in school pronounce it demon.

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      Curiously, the same is on Wikipedia.

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      Oh, I’ve written about that a lot if that interests anyone: https://nixers.net/showthread.php?tid=2111 or here