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This is something we’re running at Falmouth University (where I’m a research fellow), which maybe is interesting to some of you. We’re trying out a new format of free online mini-conferences, to hopefully help spread some research ideas & collaboration without a lot of overhead, especially focusing on talks by PhD students (though not exclusively, there are also some postdocs, research scientists, and faculty). The theme for this first, October ’17, edition is games & machine learning.

It’s Wed-Fri this week, 2-4pm UK time daily. I probably should’ve posted this before it started, but there are still 2 days left, and archived talks from day 1 are up now. You can either join for the “viewing party” that has a live text-chat Q&A with the speakers, or watch the archived videos that will go up an hour or so afterwards. The direct link to join is this, which will start getting some activity a little before 2pm UK time daily (9am US Eastern, 3pm Western Europe, 10pm Japan, midnight Australia, etc.).