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    Currently undecided should I set up this, or attach mini PC to screen running ChimeraOS.

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      Why not both? You could run the simple games locally, and resource-heavy games remotely.

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      Nice writeup! I had plans to use a (still unopened) Steam Link for local streaming but it sounds like I might be much better off just trying out this pair.

      Just wanted to shout out some other FOSS game efforts you might love (I’ve been gaming Linux only for 8ish years now, it’s fine so long as you don’t care about things that need incompatible DRM):

      • Stratagus for a reimplementation of Warcraft 1 and 2, and more
      • Mineclone2 on Minetest for some Minecraft-like gameplay (and lots of other games that differ vastly from it)
      • Fallout2-ce is a modern port of Fallout 2 based on RE efforts

      There’s too many to list but these are some that I’ve enjoyed recently!

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        A good write-up, and a similar journey to mine. I was very surprised to not see Parsec mentioned here.

        I also tried out various proprietary streaming solutions a few years ago - when Steam Link was unplayably buggy and the Nvidia one only worked for a very small set of devices. I turned to Parsec and never looked back. It has been smooth and stable for years. My biggest gripe against it has no “Force LAN” option, so you’re always going through the internet to a degree.

        I recently tried Moonlight and Sunlight again and was blown away by the performance and quality. Now, the only reason I still use Parsec is because “it just works”; but my self-hosting desire and articles like this are a reminder that I don’t need a proprietary service for this anymore!