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    Off topic: take a moment and appreciate the awesome parallax and music/3D interactions that exist in this blog. Drag the logo or hit the play button- it’s incredible.

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      ok wow (need to enable some stuff in umatrix, including web workers) but that’s nice. Generally also the pictures for the different Fires are pretty nice.

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      I wholeheartedly disagree that dumping data into one massive virtual JSON object makes any sense. However the other concerns about Firestore seem legitimate. I appreciate the article, I’ve wanted to read an informed comparison between Firebase and Firestore for a while.

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        I don’t think the author disagrees with you:

        I do know a thing or two about data structures. I can certainly see that “everything is one big JSON tree” is attempting to abstract away any sense of large-scale structure from a database. Expecting the software to just cope with any kind of dubious schema fractal is madness. I really don’t need to imagine how bad these things can get, for I have done hostile code audits, and seen things you wouldn’t believe. But I also know what good schemas look like, how you can leverage them, and why you should. I can imagine a world where 🧯 seemed absolutely like the right thing to do and where the people who did it think they did a good job. But it’s not the one I live in.

        My take-away from the article wasn’t that ⚾️’s “one giant JSON object” is the right approach, but that 🧯’s approach is worse.