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The weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Be descriptive, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!


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    I have reached a stopping point on my solitaire solver. There’s more refactorings and experiements I could do, but I’ve reached a point of diminishing returns on my learning. It looks like > 98% of games are winnable, thus answering my question of how bad I should feel when I lose (very bad).

    This week at Recurse Center I’ll resume working through Haskell Programming from First Principles from where I paused in chapter 16 (Functors) to do the practice project.

    The lobsters and ansible repos have had some wonderful contributions to the issues and PRs, so I’m going to set aside some evening time to keep those moving along. I really appreciate the help with the code.

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      @home: working on a Django app/integration for Dramatiq. It’ll have a run command and task module auto-discovery built-in, as well as an optional admin interface to manage tasks.

      @work: pairing w/ some people to improve our local dev. story.

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        What exactly do you mean by “local dev story”?

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        Work: the fixed size profiler turned out to be pretty bad, so I’m writing an MPSC queue so we can use code outside the signal handlers to record samples. CDSChecker and Relacy are giving me very confusing error traces so this is turning out to be more work than I expected.

        Home programming: more clipmaps work. I’m now using BC5 for the heightmap with h % 256 in one channel and h / 256 in the other which seems to be working well.

        It turns out that seams should actually be pretty easy, the seam geometry is the same for every transition so you can upload a single mesh and reuse that (like you do for the tiles themselves). There will be some stretching but I’m hoping it won’t be noticeable.

        I also did some misc cleanup that’s been on my todo list for way too long. Replacing GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB with explicit conversions, fixing my triangle winding orders so I cull backfaces instead of frontfaces, less annoying debug primitive renderer API, make the game actually work with UAC on Windows, etc.

        Home not programming: insurance company has sent a debt collector after me without ever sending an invoice. I can either spend ages figuring out wtf happened, which will cost far more of my time than the value of the bill, or I can just pay it. Extremely annoying.

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          Playing around with VR desktop code, likely get around to implement some geometry projections for 360/180 stereoscopic video source playback.

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            Continuing to work out what I want to do with my home computer kit. Current plan is to put a wall cabinet in the garage, running cat6 from the phone jacks to the cab & also dropping cat6 from the loft to the cab, and also to the office from the loft. At least I only need cat6 in the office, everyone else in the house is happy with 5Ghz 802.11ac 😄

            This will probably have changed by next week of course, so we’ll see whether this is what I do or not. (Of course, if I do stick with this plan I need to empty the garage first. Which means finishing the storage off in the house to move all the stuff I’m currently storing in the garage out. Home Tetris!)

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              Last week

              I’ve got a couple of tasks to work on this week:

              • Continue working on conference talks.
              • Find a decent chassis for driver for the home server. Really looking for a 1U JBOD without a RAID controller, but haven’t found anything good so far.
              • Returning to iOS development for the first time in half a decade. Last week I was working on an old MacBook Pro, but over the weekend I installed High Sierra in KVM, which is working out quite well (and my ThinkPad is much thinner and lighter).
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                I still need to get a good time tracking workflow in org-mode down; my responsibilities at work have grown and I owe it to my team to be more organized. I’m going to try and spend some lunches and evenings getting something workable so I can be better to the people I’m responsible for. “No, honey, it’s not yak-shaving, it’s work!” But this time, it’s true.

                Otherwise, my big machine at home is Having Problems – it somehow lost access to the EFI partition on my Windows disk and also seemingly forgot about 16GB of RAM. This is not good. I don’t really want to pour more good money after bad here, so maybe it’s time to rebuild the whole damn thing? Sigh. Computers, man. Computers.

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                  FreeBSD 12 support in Crystal and port/packages.

                  Some work on mail2elasticsearch… turns out you can’t just use SIMD accelerated base64 decode because it doesn’t skip over whitespace, bangs and all the other junk that’s present in base64 encoded email parts. And adding a preprocessing step that removes the junk makes it not much faster than the slow stdlib decoder.

                  Added atom/activitystreams/jsonfeed to my webside (by simply using granary to convert from microformats2). Now I can talk to Mastodon instances from my website via Bridgy Fed, e.g. this reply showed up on the original Mastodon post.

                  Configured CUPS network printing at home, some lessons learned.