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      I know this is wrong, because I don’t need it in any way at all, but … I want one

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      Can anyone explain the benefits of highly accurate timekeeping in a datacenter since the article mostly glossed over it? I’m interested in finding out why Facebook wanted to make this.

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        Highly accurate time makes distributed systems easier to make. You can now (better) rely on time as a “happens before” instead of inventing a scheme like vector clocks. See the Spanner Paper from Google which talks about the TrueTime API. Of course, even with TrueTime, you end up with a window of time the event happened in because you can’t have clocks synchronized so precisely to rely on it alone.

        I am sure others could add a ton more to this…

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        Two events are recorded in two datacenters one millisecond apart. How do you tell which one happened first? What if the datacenter clocks have a five millisecond error bar?

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        More accurate time keeping enables more advanced infrastructure management across our data centers, as well as faster performance of distributed databases.