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    Learning that Vim shortcuts weren’t just randomly-chosen keys but mnemonic devices that stood for nouns and verbs was what got me over the hump for learning Vim years ago.

    Now, I’m constantly saying those little sentences to myself in my head: “delete inside word”, “change inside parenthesis”, “yank twice-forward to the next period”, etc.

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      My university department is largely a vim house (with the exception of our Emacs-loving department head), but despite the institutional affection I’ve never gotten too deeply into vim because of the opaque syntax. This has finally made it click for me. It’s amazing how such a simple change of conceptual context makes it so much easier to understand. This may be what I need to finally start using vim like something more than Notepad. (although I’m not sure if it can pull me away from Sublime Text now).

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      Nice introduction! If you want to dive deeper into Vim I can fully recommend Drew Neil’s Practical Vim. I’ve been using Vim more or less daily since several years but it not only taught me new tricks but really increased my understanding of Vim.

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        Drew’s Vimcasts are also an excellent resource for visual learners…

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        This might be just what I need to start using Vim. Thanks!

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          I’ve been using vim for a long time and still don’t make use of all those features. Time to unleash the power!