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    It actually ships a manpage.

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      … which clocks in at ~19,000 words, and after a short description which introduces terms like sessions, pseudo terminals, windows, and panes, begins with an alpha sorted list of options followed by the default key bindings.

      I take no issue with well written easy-on-the-eyes blog posts about how to get started with tmux. Having said that though, I’d really like to read meatier articles about tmux that cover more advanced topics.

      I’m reminded of a remark from last year by nicm, maintainer of tmux:

      I’d like to see a few tmux 102 or 201 or whatever articles that cover some of the more advanced features such as hooks, targets and IDs, monitoring and alerts, formats and #(), command sequences, if-shell and run-shell, new/neww/splitw -P and shell scripting with tmux, buffers, capture-pane and pipe-pane, find-window and filters etc in the choose modes, pane titles, terminal-overrides, linking windows and session groups, detach -P, remain-on-exit and exit-unattached and detach-on-destroy, the mouse and advanced key bindings, the new status-format stuff in 2.9, and even menus coming in 3.0.

      Personally, I’m really psyched about the new popup windows that are coming in 3.2, and would love to read more about that feature. Of course I know I could write one myself I suppose :-).