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Hi everyone,

for the thesis of my degree in Computer Engineering I developed Astuto, a tool to collect, manage and prioritise user feedback. It was heavily inspired by Canny.

The main difference between Canny and Astuto is that the latter is open source and self hosted. So, at the expense of more time to put into configuring it (note: it’s dockerized, so it will not be a pain, promised!), you get a free, code-level customisable product. Another thing to note is that right now Astuto has less features than Canny.

If you’re interested, here are the links:

Feedback and collaborators are welcome. Thank you!

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    You forgot a detail that makes this very user-averse. The required signup step.

    Users already have an account for app X, which this tool is collecting feedback for. Why not reuse that account for authentication ? Canny has intercom integration, which means 0-step setup for both the user and the developers. You should at least provide oauth2 support, if you want this to be used anywhere.

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      You’re definitely right, hopefully I’ll be able to implement it soon. Thanks for your feedback!

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        Or even better allow for non-auth contributions. Basically just anonymous with a field for name/handle that can be set to anything. This is usual for users who don’t want to register or can’t register but still find a bug or something.

        Filter out spam with a captcha or something.

        Registration is a big mental load for me. Especially for one offs like if I’m visiting someone’s site or shopping. I will rarely register and if I can’t remember my existing registration I can’t be bothered to look it up.

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          This was already in my todo list, thanks anyway for pointing it out!