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        I can’t wait to see what Artichoke could do for video games in terms of rapid prototyping, configurability, and new content generation.

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          It’s probably worth pointing out that there’s also https://crystal-lang.org/ which—if you haven’t heard about it yet—is basically the “if Ruby and Go had a child”. The biggest trade-off is that it’s a compiled language. The other trade-off might or might not be that it’s a typed language but there’s type inference.

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            That does look pretty cool!

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      It would be interesting to see it backed by some JIT, for example Cranelift.

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      As a Ruby developer interested in Rust, I love this. How much proficiency in both languages would you need to have in order to tackle a project like such?

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        As a Ruby developer who ended up helping create Rust: interest and a certain ambition to make thing right and proper is your main resource. The rest, you will learn out of necessity.