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    PostgreSQL 8.4.1 on CentOS Linux

    This post is either old, or examining outdated technology. Postgresql has had sql-92-style updatable views since 9.3 (three years ago), and more complicated updatable views since 9.4 (two years ago). The version they’re examining was released in 2009.

    (Edit: obviously, there are other differences, too, but since that was first on the page, it’s what made me go back and check their versions)

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      Well, some of us are stuck with the Windows NT 4.0 version of CentOS (aka CentOS 6.6, the last release that didn’t have systemd) and yeah it packages PostgreSQL 8.4.20

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        That’s fine, but it’s not timely. Current postgres is 9.5. The 8 series is no longer supported, and hasn’t been for a year or more.

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          Where possible (which it might not always be, I know) you should migrate to using the releases from http://yum.postgresql.org/ which provides all non-EOL releases of PostgreSQL for CentOS5, 6 and 7.