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Excited for JetBrains to be getting into this space. Going to really help cross platform c# development.


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    I wish I had this now :-). But have to use java instead.

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      Isn’t there Visual Studio support for OSX and linux now? Why would I rather use this than Visual Studio? My impression is that Visual Studio is best in class.

      Is jetbrains' bet that by using standard jetbrains shortcuts, polyglot folks would rather stick with the the jetbrains C# tool rather than relearn the tools for Visual Studio?

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        Visual Studio (Express | Community | Professional | Enterprise) only runs on Windows, and is closed-source.

        Visual Studio Code is free, cross-platform, and similar to the Atom editor. It’s not the same as the flagship IDE, but shares the name.

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          I’m kind of puzzled why Microsoft chose that name. It only seems to spread confusion.

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          Maybe that, and every .NET developer that has ever used R# goes through a “why can’t these guys just make the whole IDE” phase. I’ve often heard visual studio described as a poor hosting environment for R#.

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            Whole Tomato’s “Visual Assist X” product is another good Visual Studio extension, particularly for C++ work. http://www.wholetomato.com/