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I couldn’t find anything on their blog about it. Or am I just a “B” in an A/B test?

EDIT: Thanks to @pims here is the link to the blogpost.

EDIT 2: Ask HN: Thoughts on new GitHub layout?

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    Every time there’s a UI change, everybody hates it. Your brain doesn’t like unfamiliar things.

    If you don’t change your UI, 10 years later people laugh at you for having UI from the last decade.

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      Users want everything to work the same way even if it’s not efficient or productive https://lawsofux.com/jakobs-law.html

      Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know. graphic

      Users will transfer expectations they have built around one familiar product to another that appears similar.

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        for a site named “law of UX”, it has bad UX. White on yellow text, vertical text, detail in text background, low information density, too much void leading to excessive scrolling, 3 points split into 3 columns instead of a list. useless landing area.

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        That’s because every time there’s a UI change it’s for the worse.

        If you don’t change your UI, 10 years later people laugh at you for having UI from the last decade.

        And yet their old UI was still more usable

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          Their other ui mods were change. I wasn’t happy but I resigned myself to it. That was just change.

          This changes where things are, how things scan, how far I need to move my head (from none to lots), how easy it is to find releases (a tiny blue link instead of styled text in a list of other such things)… This change was for the sake of change.

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          I absolutely hate it. Their terrible new notification page was bad enough. But I dealt with it because I rarely actually use notifications.

          Then they push this crap. I’m done with Github, I’ve migrated most of my stuff to Codeberg.

          I’m not even going to look at Github until they get their act together (which I doubt will ever happen).

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            I’ve been using sr.ht for over a year and it’s pretty dope for the most part =^.^=

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              Oh I completely forgot about that one.

              I remember coming across repos there sometimes and loving how fast and responsive everything feels.

              And if I recall correctly, it works without JS which is awesome.

              It’s been on my todo list to try, my only gripe was finding the right time to try it out.

              But I might actually give it a go now, seems like the perfect time.

              Edit: Oh my god, this is amazing. No JS nor XHR has been used on the site at all. And everything is relatively quick to get used to.

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                Yeah! It’s pretty awesome.

                Some of the images in https://builds.sr.ht are super outdated (or that was my take-away anyway) so I haven’t been able to use the NixOS builds (or they just don’t work anyway), but that’s the only complaint I’ve had over the last couple years - and it’s pretty niche =^.^=

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            Yes. With no warning or option to defer the update for a few days, at a time where i’d really like to keep the old look for the balance of the week then explore what’s new. It’s not that load bearing for me, just mildly aggravating.

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              It’s a feature preview. Sounds like you’re in the B group. I opted into it. I believe you can disable it or send feedback about it.

              Edit: Seems like they rolled it out for everyone today. The options are gone from the feature preview menu.

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                I literally just found the menu last night and enabled it… 😹

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                Looks like they just published the post you were looking for:


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                  I feel like it’s worse in that the text is bigger, “about” is squeezed into a very small column in my browser, it just looks cluttered. The curved edges are nice though.

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                    I feel like it’s worse in that the text is bigger,

                    For me, the text is significantly smaller. It looks like they’re overriding my font size selection – which I’d bumped up so that I would be able to read it more easily.

                    Other than that, meh; it looks low contrast and lopsided on wide screens, but I’m not really using github for pretty looks.

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                      of course it’s worse. still better than GitLab though.

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                      Yeah, it was sudden. I was active on it, then went to lunch, then reloaded a page when I came back like 20 minutes later and it was different. Deployments! New things! Yay!

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                        Man this was jarring. I wish they de-risked the UI change by forming a UX migration plan and then A/B testing one part at a time, than doing everything wholesale.

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                          I gave feedback about how I hated it when it was in trials earlier. Looks terrible across a 4k display.

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                            I don’t have strong feelings about it one way or the other so far - it’s different from the old design, which is jarring, but I don’t particularly like or dislike anything about it so far.

                            The fact that we’re all suddenly reacting to a change Github unilaterally made is a good reminder that when we use cloud software we don’t host ourselves, we are subject to the arbitrary whim of the people who do host it. People who use Github can only complain when Github changes things, we can’t make them undo a change if we liked the old way better.