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Video of my Polyconf’17 talk about Pony.


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    Erlang and rust are among my favorite languages, so this seems like something I should play with a bit :)

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      Pony is a pretty interesting language, i really enjoyed reading the paper. Definitely on the “to learn next” list.

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        If you run into trouble, you can ping us on IRC, mailing list or twitter. I think you’ll find it a very welcoming community.

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          I have been bugging you on irc for a couple of weeks now :)

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            I’m good with faces. Not so good with nicks and names.

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        An honest discussion of when Pony is a good idea and when it is not, very nice.

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          We aim to be honest about such things. It’s also right on the website:


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          Nice talk! Pony is definitely one of the languages I am keeping my eye on.

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            We are a young language with plenty of rough edges. When you give it a go, if you need help, feel free to reach out to me personally as well as through the help channel listed on the website: https://www.ponylang.org/learn/#getting-help

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              Reference capabilities are definitely one significant difference between Pony and mainstream programming languages. It can be hard to grasp initially, kind of like borrowing in Rust.