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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      First day at the new job and my kid had a nightmare last night so I’m operating on very little sleep. Yay. But, exciting times!

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        wow, this could literally be my post


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          Indeed, and same to you.

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        Good luck with the new gig and your little ones :)

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          Thank you. :)

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      Last week I got made redundant, along with ~ 14% of staff globally. So this week is mostly about:

      • spending more time with the family and children (end of the school holidays)
      • taking the children on an overnight trip to a local historical village
      • polishing up my resume and re-activating my LinkedIn account
      • cleaning up my Ruby “coding exercise” project in case anyone wants to know if I can still code
      • having a few preliminary chats with my network to see what’s out there
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        Good luck!

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        Good luck! I just concluded a job search. The market is good - I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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          Any tips on where to find good jobs? I find most job boards lacking in some ways or others - when I’m looking, I’m typically looking for rather specific things and don’t want to waste my time wading through irrelevant posts.

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            It probably depends a lot on the kind of job you’re looking for. Lobste.rs has a regular ‘who’s hiring’ quarterly post, perhaps this is a good time for a ‘who’s looking’ version. I’m not actively looking at the moment but I had a quick skim of some of the tech comany’s open hiring and discovered that AMD appears to be trying to build a CPU perf team in the building practically next door to my house. I’m now very curious what they’re working on…

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            Networking networking networking!

            Seriously. Attend in person local meet-ups. Get to know people. This has been by far my greatest source for finding job leads in my career.

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        Sorry to hear and I hope you get everything sorted and the time is well spent!

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      I plan on making a unit testing library for BQN. I have usual college work on top of that.

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      I own a 1641 German Lutheran Bible that was passed down from my ancestors. I want to learn more this week about its history. Things like where was it printed? How much would it have cost at the time? How many of my edition were printed? I’m planning on asking the owner of a local store that specializes in old books for info. If anyone here knows other resources to look at please let me know!

      Also finally practicing Unicode string processing this week so I can add it to my fuzzy finder.

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        For general questions about bibles, the effect of printing presses, etc., the AskHistorians subreddit is very good. It is heavily moderated and has great content.

        For questions specifically about your book, try the BookCollecting subreddit. Post photos of the cover and the title page there and you might get a response from an expert.

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          I hadn’t considered that, thanks for the ideas!

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      Getting my desk clock to show my work calendar so I can stop missing the one meeting I have per day.

      Fortunately that’s more possible than it sounds because my desk clock is an LED matrix with an ESP8266 controller backpack. If anyone has experience parsing iCal files in arduino-land, any tips?

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      Going in for the final procedure in this medical saga where my gall bladder attempted to turn me into a minion, but thanks to the fine folks at Mass General Hospital, failed :)

      Also switching my development environment over to Neovim. My configuration as it currently exists is here. I’m super happy with the way it’s set up for Python development, want to add bash, lua and possibly Golang.

      Also all this dot file tinkering has made it plain that I need a better system for managing them. At one point I used homesick which is a good project but last I tried to use it I ended up in a shallow hell of improperly symlink-ed configurations.

      So I’m planning to use this technique where you turn your home directory into a bare Git repository. One source of truth for the win :)

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        I manage my dotfiles with saltstack – but I’m definitely a weirdo for this.

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          Whoa! That’s a sharp tool :) Glad that works for you. I can see it in a sense though, it’s a declarative state management tool, right?

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            Yes indeed! So for example:

            $ cat salt/audio.sls
            $ cat salt/bluetooth.sls
                - enable: True

            is my audio setup.

            Then I have for example:

            Random tools to do things:
                - pkgs:
                  - dos2unix
                  - cdrtools
                  - cloc
                  - figlet
                  - graphviz
                  - ii

            and then in other places:

            # .dfl is the default load extension
                - user: vaelatern
                - group: vaelatern
                - mode: 0644
                - source: salt://vaelatern-user/minirc.default

            And for my neovim config:

                - user: vaelatern
                - group: vaelatern
                - mode: 0755
                - mode: 0755
                - user: vaelatern
                - group: vaelatern
                - source: salt://vaelatern-user/init.vim
                - user: vaelatern
                - group: vaelatern
                - mode: 0755
                - makedirs: True
                - user: vaelatern
                - group: vaelatern
                - mode: 0644
                - source: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/junegunn/vim-plug/master/plug.vim
                - source_hash: e2dbd7c8d732ae797e5059c0dc1e964b94529a32d07d051d5d058727462a43fd
            vim +PlugInstall +qa:
                - runas: vaelatern
                - onchanges:
                  - file: /home/vaelatern/.config/nvim/init.vim
                  - file: /home/vaelatern/.local/share/nvim/site/autoload/plug.vim

            I also make all my changes in that repo and then make them happen with sudo ./salt-call state.highstate --state-output=changes. It helps that I have my desktop and laptop and swap between them…

            It also manages my wifi networks, I have a monster list of networks and passwords in my salt pillar and just apply them on systems. No more changing systems and losing this precious config!

            I can also inline files in the declarations if they are not too long for my ergonomic sense.

                - mode: 0755
                - user: vaelatern
                - group: vaelatern
                - contents: |
                    export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=$(mktemp -d /tmp/$(id -u)-runtime-dir.XXX)
                    ln -fs $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR ./xdg_runtime_dir
                    exec dex -a
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      Booking travel to Amsterdam for work in late April (anything fun I should check out while I’m there??)

      Working on a work presentation about our plans for the whole year.

      Playing with my son.

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      I’m back from vacation, and I’m bummed out about it. Chicago was fun, and I took a ton of pictures.

      @work I’m looking at a performance bug in our new WebGL rendering backend. We swapped out our C++ OpenGL render code for a WebGL canvas in a Cef window - using the same rendering as our web product. It works a lot better than I expected it to, but we have a few operations that now require running Javascript for each selected entity, and that’s awfully slow when there are thousands of things selected.

      I’m also writing up some tech debt tickets. This release we’re trying to dedicate up to 20% of our time to work on them, so hopefully we can knock out a lot of cruft.

      @home I’m going to jump back into running and assess the “damage” from taking a week off. Probably there’s not much difference, but the first run after a break is always a mental hurdle for me.

      And I’m going to finish translating this Python hashlife code into Common Lisp, and play with that.

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      Trying to understand NixOS (or other declarative-ish thing) for my home server without having to learn stuff or think too hard or accidentally join a cult.

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      Continue pushing Angular 1 to React transition in my job. I love it so much. Really makes me appreciate good software engineers & good technologies.

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      Hoping to complete new version of my “Python re(gex)?” ebook (been catching up to features like possessive quantifiers, improving existing examples, correcting typos, etc). Most of the planned changes are done, going through final revision.

      Currently reading “The Dragon and the George”, liked it so far especially the writing and humor.

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      Cleaning up and refactoring the two PKM systems I coded for myself a couple weeks ago, arkive: a private web archive + read-it-later + readable content extractor, and remember: my own Readwise alternative with Calibre annotation import and a ‘show context’ feature.

      I don’t work a job currently and I’ve used some of my free time to pick up Rails. It enabled me to quickly craft many of the tools that have been on my “will do someday” list for years.

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      Going from 422 pages of https://linuxmemory.org/progress to 437 (my target is 15pgs/week).

      I may stop posting these as it’s boring and the entirety of my 2023.

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      • At work, focusing on the last 5% of a project that takes the other 95% of the time. :-/
      • Hoping to work a bit more on polishing and evangelizing ahkpm.
      • Reading through the D&D campaign guide for Lost Mines of Phandelver so I’m ready to run it for my siblings in a couple of weeks.
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      Traveling to Japan!!! Not looking forward to the flight, but very much looking forward to the next 2 weeks :)

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        That’s amazing! What part of the country will you be seeing? I want to go so badly. I have a good friend in Nara these days I’d love to visit :)

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          I’m doing Tokyo -> Kyoto -> Nara / Koyasan -> Osaka -> Hakone -> Tokyo!

          I’m so excited! Have you ever been?

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            I haven’t, but I find Japanese culture and cuisine endlessly fascinating so it’s a definite life goal :)

            Everybody thinks sushi and tempura, but Japanese food is so much more than that, and the art! :) Have a wonderful time!

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      Porting C++ junk to a new framework. Uuuuuuuuugh. Who doesn’t love spending 10 minutes making a change and 90 minutes testing whether things compile?

      In the copious free time this produces, maybe I’ll work on adding sum types to my Garnet proof-of-concept.

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      I’m going to be helping plan a potentially big rearchitecture at work! excited for the possibilities but slightly nervous as I haven’t undertaken something like this before. On that note, if anyone’s ever migrated from firebase to a more conventional system architecture/backend, would love to chat about how it went and any pitfalls to look out for!

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      Attending the Linux Clusters Institute this week!

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      I just migrated the backend of managed bupstash backup repositories* to hetzner, now I need to make and push a new release of bupstash itself.

      *https://bupstash.io/ is the encrypted deduplicated backup tool I have written.