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    Gleam looks more and more appealing with such nice libraries.

    Slightly out of scope but, it would definitely help adoption if there was a simple example of deploying such an app on a platform like Heroku. I’d be happy to help on the Heroku part, I’m very unfamiliar with the Erlang deployment process.

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      Hello! Deployment documentation is certainly a top priority, and something we consider a responsibility of the core team!

      Right now I’m working a lot on tooling so it’s hard to write documentation as it’s in a state of flux. For now users will have to refer to the Erlang documentation I’m afraid https://www.rebar3.org/docs/releases

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        For now we could have a guide about using heroku + Mix/Elixir with some Gleam modules. That’s what I am currently doing for my Gleam deployments, though my set up is rather messy.